Saturday, April 02, 2005


This morning, I set off for choir at 8. We had to wear our SYF dress and court shoes the whole time we were practicing, simply to "get used to it". We stood like for about 3 hours in the prickly dress and heels, and it was a terrible time.

We were dismissed at 1.30pm. We were supposed to have a class gathering at Sunplaza Park for the class competition thing, which we chose music video. Very little people were there, only about ¼ of our class came. When me and Suryana came, we only saw Felicia, Syed, Gladys, Shirley, Jun En, Carlo, Gerald, Bi Jie, and Cheng Wai. They were already about to finish the shoot. Me and Suryana came for nothing, but at least we came.

I dunno what it is about, but I know it is about Shirley breaking up with Cheng Wai. Carlo was really excited about the video, and Shirley was the star. Shirley had to slap Cheng Wai.. LOL.. Poor Cheng Wai.. Too bad it's not the other way around...

There were quite a few stray cats there. Two black kitten were at the gazebo. They were really tame. There was a moment when I sat down, the smallet kitten leapt on my skirt and curled up cozily! LOL it was SOOOO cute! C heng Wai suggested to take picture, but my camera phone was really lousy. I was delighted, yet at the same time, "Oh ShiT!" because I had difficulties in removing the kitten from my lap. It was really difficult to, because of the position it was in. I was about to ask Cheng Wai to lift it up when he went off after the rest. Hmmpphhh. In the end I managed to lift it up and we quickly followed Cheng Wai.

To fast forward the day, me and Suryana went home before the rest.