Friday, September 30, 2005


Yesterday I went to visit my relative after school. Her daughter gave birth few weeks back and babies are cute, so I decided to follow my mum. If it wasn't for the baby I wouldn't come at all.

The baby is called Nur Aldinni or something like that. I've forgotten >< She is soo small and delicate!

Cute ain't she?? Say no and I'll wring your neck.

Anyway, after that I went to Geylang wetmarket. I saw turtle eggs being sold. 5 for 5 bucks. Expensive. No wonder cuz they smuggle them. Long time no eat.

Then my mum was buying some stuff at the hawker center. I was just sitting down quietly when this chinese lady asked me, "How's your grandmother?" I was so taken aback. I searched her face for some signs of recognisation, but I couldn't place her anywhere! I told my mum afterwards, she said she think it's one of the nurses that took care of my granma ><

Anyway, then we went back to Eunos and I saw this big spectacle shop with trendy frames. I asked my mum to take a look, and the guy from the shop thinks I'm those little 5-year-old girls wearing pink frocks. He keep handing me these small round pink spectacle frames. In the end I found a frame that I like and I proceeded to check my eyesight. He didn't put the lense aligned to my eyes, how am I supposed to see??!?! Then he put my specs in the checking room and told me to go out while he talk bla bla bla. And he forgot about my specs! Sheesh. I'm collecting the specs today..

Anyway, here's the photo for the NTUC thingy. Don't know what I'm talking about, look at this post.


Don't laugh. Click image to enlarge.

Then there's the Sentosa Performance. Fana gave these pics to me this morning. Refer to this post if you don't know whatI'm talking about.



Isalina liked the pose of the lady circle in red ><

Click images to enlarge.

WoohOo!! Fasting on Monday!!

Oh ya, she touched her asss again several times just now, and looked at her hand... Disgusting.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

So now I'm eating chocolate ice cream, waiting for Dan to reply me. What he doing sia. Hope not maple...

I went to the library and borrowed some books, and Mardiana managed to find the 3rd Mediator..

Finally he replied! He said he was looking for his red marker...

Oh and my sister said she kept thinking of School Of Rock. Incidentally, I was thinking of that too in bus..

Monday, September 26, 2005

UGH SHIT GREAT, my post had been deleted! So I'll just type it again.

Today went well. The first thing we did was getting back our Maths papers. I had 28.5/40. I got an A, first time in history!

After Maths, we got back our Geog exam. I got 17/20! Another A!! In Geog, Vincent told us that when Kacang tie her hair, she looks like a tae-kwan-do master. Me and Dan burst out laughing. Miss Fang scolded Danial saying she could hear him laugh, and Dan said it was me. Hmmph of all the nerve!

During recess, I was talking to Isalina when I heard a scream beside me. I was really startled and I let out a shriek too. What only happened was Mardiana's burger fell. -.- Then, at some point of time, Mardiana was talking to me and I wanted to drink my Soya Bean when I realised it was gone. I looked over at Mardiana's side and saw ANOTHER Soya Bean drink. I glared at Mardiana and pointed at her Soya Bean drink. She went, "Oh my God I'm so sorry. eee!" I ended up having to drink HER Soya Bean drink without the straw. I had to drink from the pathetic hole made from the straw. Just like Mardiana grabbing every food and drink in sight!

Me and some others had to stay back for a while cuz we changed seats. I only moved up one row! Sheesh. The rest kept arguing with her, making her sprout more nonsense and wasting my time. I smartly kept my mouth shut, and in the end Miss Tay said Justin, Kok Pern and me could go first. Score for me! ^^

One Tree Hill starts at 5. Can't wait!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

My BlooD iS boiLing

This may be a very crude post. I'm not exactly feeling joyous.

Oh. My. God! She makes my blood boil! Reading her blog, I felt my temper rising. HONESTLY I SWEAR SHE'S THE MOST IGNORANT PERSON I KNOW!

Extracted from her blog:
"After skool, met Tay sumwhere near the piano. She wanted 2 c me bout ma hairstyle. She kept on goin You're smart girl...blah blah. I noe I'm a smart girl, so wat? Even if she praise me a gazillion tymz, I will still refuse to tie up ma hair. "

Serious ah, Tay is really stupid. Then, she asked me if I don't lyk her. I told her the truth, I don't lyk her. She said tat there r ppl who don't lyk her. In ma head, I was lyk, "So you realise!' Then she asked why I don't lyk her. I said tat she's always making stupid jokes n making us do stupid things lyk the friendship activity earlier on. She explainz bout the activity bt I dunno WTF is she talking bout. Actually the real reason why I hate her is bcoz she'z damn irritating [oh sry, irriTAYting]. The mre she explain, the mre I don't understand. I juz pretend 2 understand. Bout ma hair, she said itz the duty of the home teachers n dean 2 remind me to tie up ma hair. She then asked me if I wanna be on her x-mas list or her Halloween list. Whatever list she puts me in, I dun care. She also said tat she didn't wanna be ma enemy, she wanna be ma fren. In ma head, I was lyk 'You want to be my friend? Your head!' Before ending the 'talk' she gave me her hp no. n her email add expecting me to contact her if I have any problems. Like real I want to call her if I got problems. She wanted me 2 stop hating her."

UH HELLO?!?! It's just your stupid hair! What's the big deal about tying your damn bloody hair?? If you are the most beautiful person with great hair never mind! What, you think your hair is so pretty?? Puh-lease! And what's with the self-praising?? I don't see you being the top of the class! Don't be a self-centered bitch for goodness sake! Stop making an issue of everything!

One thing you should know. Never, ever insult someone else if you are one yourself. Pot calling the kettle black. Irritayting. Oooohh aahh, ha-ha-ha! Umm, hello! At least Miss Tay realises some people don't like her, unlike you! It's good enough that at least SOMEone wants to be your friend!

Her whole blog is full of dissing people, looking down her flat nose on them as if she's the most perfect person in the world. Even I don't diss that much! (Apart from this post >< And she deserves it anyway)

I swear, Miss Tay is not exactly the best person either, but in comparison, Miss Tay seems like a bunny rabbit next to a giant gorilla.

PS: I've edited this post. It was too crude before >.<

Friday, September 23, 2005

We starteD of thE daY....

with a Lit exam. Total 35 marks. But Miss Tay typed 30. And the number sequence of the questions are 1, 2, 3, 2. How smart. Anyway, the paper was very very very hard. Essay questions. But Muhammad managed to write 3 pages! Or was it 3 papers? Can't remember, but it was bloody long. If I'm Muhammad and I didn't get 30 and above, I'm going to bash her head.

After Lit was Art. And guess what we have to draw. Peanuts! Of all things! It's part of End of Year exam. Somehow, when I look at all those peanuts, I felt a shudder down my spine. For some reason. Maybe because I associate peanuts with Kacang, or whatever. I told Miss Tay, "Ee Miss Tay, I don't like peanuts!" She asked me, "Why? Are you allergic to peanuts?" I told her no. "Er a little bit," I added after an afterthought.

But really! Of all things! "Obsevational Sketches Of Nut" It even sounds stupid. Who would want tot observe nuts?!? Nuts are meant to be eaten! Danial put the nut in my ear. Urgh disgusting. I managed to put in two nuts in Danial's shirt. Wahaha! But anyway, why can't we draw something nicer?? Like.. like.. Butterflies? Little insects fluttering by.. Okay yea, it probrably wouldn't be a nice move to get everyone a butterfly specimen. Just an example.

Ok, then Kacang got scolded bacuse of her hair. She didn't tie her hair. And when she talked to Miss Tay, she actually FLICKED her hair! Urgh! Gross! I got goosebumbs looking at her do that!

Anyway then it was recess time. Weee! I was very hungry today for some reason. But I couldn't finish my mash potatoes. I felt.. bloated for some reason. Anyway after recss was moral education. Miss Tay printed out this 2 articles about blogging. About this 2 cases of racist comments. The title of one of the articles was "Blogging without Fear" and smart-ass Vincent liquid off the F in 'fear'. So it looked like Blogging without Ear. Miss Tay saw and was highly irritated. She ticked him off, which she does every single day, telling him to "get a life." LOL nice. First time I heard Miss Tay giving good 'advice'.

Then Cheng Wai did a very disgusting thing. He smelt his armpit. This cause an uproar in the class and Vincent got scolded for laughing too much. Or was it someone else? Can't remember. Later Dan told me he was imitating Kacang. Was he?? I know she smells her ass, but her armpit??? Gross.

Then it was Malay exam. Aaah!! The paper was very very hard! Okay fine, what's new. Anything to do with Malay is hard. But I want to get 30 plus over 50! >.< Then it was History. Urgh boring! Mr Sim keeps droning on and on, it's hard to pay attention! Then the bell rang, signalling school dismissal.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

So tOdAy..

Things went on to usual. Have lots of homework, which I doubt I can finish in time tmr. I still have to study for Maths, Science and Geog exam. Which is tomorrow. All three. Pretty screwed up.

Me and Dan stayed back to do our Art project. We did it in class. The guys, as usual, was there playing cards. I remembered I brought 1 packet of bubblegum, so I decided to chew one. Danial wanted one, but he changed his mind when I told him it's watermelon flavour. I flashed him a, "I knew it," look, which is a bad idea. He proceeded to wheedle, saying he changed his mind. I told him I only brought 1. He said, "Yah, one packet," or something around those lines. He was correct, but I wasn't going to tell him that. So surpressing a smile, I insisted that I only have 1. Hey! It was my only bar okay??

Anyway, the school janitor wanted to lock up the room. So me and Danial went to the library. I HAD TO MISS SAIL!! AAHH! Ok, anyway, there's no one for me to go with. I asked the kindest person of the class, aka Vincent, to help me take extra worksheet for me if he can, and he obliged. NOT.

Anyway, as I was saying, Me and Danial went to the library, only to be greeeted with no spare table for us. So we proceeded down to the canteen, and Danial don't want to do there, as "there is a lot of bird shit on the tables." So I suggested the fitness corner. At first he complained it was too hot there, but in the end he gave in.

When reaching there, Danial proceeded to lie on the dirty ground, and I saw some shit on his pants. In turned out to be the skin of a peanut. EWWWWWW! He sat on kacang!

Anyway, we started our work. We took a lot of breaks, playing the monkey bar. I could do everything. I was kinda surprised, I hadn't practice monkey bars for quite a long time. Danial couldn't do. -.- It was kinda comical the way he swing.

At one point of time, my Bandong drink spilled, and not long after, a lot of ants were there. And I mean A LOT. At least 50.

Anyway, we decided to go home at 4.45. Because Danial have a bad urge to shit. So I helped him pack his bag. He couldn't bend down, later he release his shit. I haven't done packing when he cannot tahan anymore. So he ran all the way to the toilet. I helped carry his bag to the canteen. On the way, his tie dropped but I didn't realise it. So we have to go and retrace my steps to find his tie.

So anyway, we went home.


Damn I can't find the bloody curved ruler.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Your Blog Should Be Blue

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In love, you feel the most alive when your partner is patient and never willing to give up on you.

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Woohoo! A Convertible is my dream car! ^^

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Hmm.. Most a kinda true I guess.

Monday, September 19, 2005

I Miss YoU

Liz stared at the sleeping figure on the bed. Her cousin, Diana, looked so pale and frail. Looking at her made her feel frightened and lonely. Liz looked around the room. Sunlight poured in through the windows, making the room bright and cheery. There was also bright-coloured flowers, sent by relatives. Liz, however, did not feel at all cheerful. How could she? Her cousin had cancer. Her days were numbered. A tear rolled down her cheeks.

Liz could not believe that it was only a month ago when everything was normal. She remembered her cousin's laughter and her warm smile. Liz smiled slightly as she remembered the fun they had in the past.

Diana was her favourite cousin. Liz had no family, and it was Diana's family that welcomed her with open arms. They treated her like she was also a part of the family. Liz grew up with Diana, and Diana was not only a cousin to her. She is also her best friend and her sister.

"Excuse me, Miss? You have to go now. Visiting hours are over," a nurse smiled sympathetically at Liz, shattering all her thoughts. Liz got up and took a last glace at Diana.

It was about 10 at night, and Liz was getting ready to sleep. A phone rang, and Diana's father answered it. Liz could only hear murmurs. After some time, Diana's father came into her room and told her quietly, "We're going away. Diana had just passed away."

Liz could only stare numbly. She was too shocked to register what Diana's father had just said. I had prepared for the worst, but I had no idea it was going to be so soon.

We hurried to the hospital by tax. Diana's mother was sobbing hysterically, and looking at her, a sob caught in Liz's throat. I was going to miss Diana, but I have to accept the fact that she's gone from my life.

Diana, I miss you.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

HaVe a Ride?

My grandmother went home today. The ambulance brought us home. My sis didn't want to sit in the back with me. It was later when I know why. It was bumpy. And it didn't help that I was sitting facing the back of the ambulance. It was kinda like a roller coaster ride. No kidding. And on our way back, my sis caught the mad man looking at us. Oh no! Now really have to avoid him at all cost!

Anyway I want to watch Monster In Law. Will update again later.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Sorry haven't been updating. Had no time. Anyway there's this crazy man living upstairs. He is always banging and shouting at his parents and whatever. I think he should get his head checked. I pity his elderly parents. His mother will always smile and wave at me everytime I walked past their house. However, I will always constrain myself from waving back whenever I see the man there. Yesterday, when I was walking home, I saw that man heading towards me. I avoided looking at him, but when we passed each other, he said to me, "Your (grand?)parents are the medical one right?"

I thought he said parents, butI couldn't be too sure. Anyway i plastered this fake smile and went, "Ah ya ya ya." Then he said, "Eh very cool ah." I faked a laugh in response, then I walked away hurriedly.

VERY COOL! HE ACTUALLY SAID VERY COOL! What did he meant by "very cool" huh? Did he think it's funny, being shuttled back and forth to the hospital, or does he wish his poor parents were in hospital too? And just the other day I saw him banging on the refrigerator. I swear man, he's so weird.

Today I went to the hospital to visit my grandmother. I ate lunch at the hospital's kopitiam with my sister. After finish eating, my sister saw a crowd outside the kopitiam. They looked like they were shooting a show. So me and my sister busybodied our way there. We saw this girl acting as a patient, and a guy beside her. He always act but i don't know his name. Chinese show. Should be. Finally we decided to go back to my grandmother's room.

After some time, I went to the Visitor's Lounge. Then this auntie asked me to buy for her a coke. using her money of course. She don't know how to use the machine I think, and she only understand basic English. And when I said basic, I mean REALLY basic.

So anyway, there's 2 options, Coke with ice and without. So I asked her which one she wanted. She replied, "Coke coke." So in the end I chose the one with ice. When the drink was still dispensing, she asked me, "Ok?" I told her, "Wait wait," in Mandarin, and she went, "Oh ok." When it's ready, I told her. She thanked me and drank her Coke happily.

Then, before I can even sit down, this Malay auntie called out to me, "Eh girl girl! How to make the coffee stronger? It's so bitter!" URGH! What am I?? The vending machine girl?!?! I told her to press the options, "More Sugar", "More Cream", "More ?" And she pressed More Cream and Less Cream. -.- Her eyesight something wrong. I didn't point that out. Then she tasted the drink and told me, "There cannot drink. So bitter!" Then there's this lady who wanted to buy a drink also. Then the Malay auntie complained to her. -.-

Then she took out more money and tried again. This time she pressed the correct button. Tasting it, she seemed satisfied and left.

The end.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


Oh yea, I forgot to mention there was this freaking kid who kept kicking my chair throughout the ceremony. When I turned and glared at him, he stopped. Then I turned around again, only to have my chair kicked again. Ugh

Scholarship & Education Grants

So yesterday I went to the NTUC Marina 1 Boulevard to collect my hundred bucks. There were a lot of students there. The guest of honor is Mr Seng Han Thong, NTUC Assistant Secretary General and MP for Ang Mo Kio GRC, whoever he is. So anyway, before the ceremony start, they were screening I Not Stupid. Sad show. And the song didn't help either. Anyway, it started at 4 plus. It was supposed to start at 4, but Mr Seng arrived late. So we had to stand when he arrived, and then he gave a boring speech, followed by the Mandarin translation.

Then the ceremony begin. There was only 1 Haig Girls student and 1 Pasirian. Anyway, I waited a bloody boring 3 long hours. Just for a hundred bucks. IT was so boring, I smsed Mardiana. She was kind enough to entertain me although she was doing maths. Apparently stuck at question 5.

At one point of time, they announced my name. "Norhazwani Hamdan" My head shot up and I squinted at the stage. But these two ushers were blocking my view. So I stood up and craned my neck. I saw another girl there. If I'm not wrong she's a chinese. Apparently a mix-up. How many girl have the exact same name as me huh?? I had a big shock sia! Sheesh.

So anyway, I continued smsing Mardiana. I was freezing cold; I could barely type. FINALLY, the usher told me to queue up beside the stage. And the usher there had difficulty finding my name on the list. But in the end she found it. Lucky they announced my name right when I went up on stage. I shook Mr Seng's hand, smiled at the camera with my hands on the envelope, two flashes, then I went down stage again. See! So fast! And I had to wait 3 stupid long hours for that! If I got 1000 bucks, now that's another story.

So anyway, I went to the exit. There was a some sort of a "tunnel" there that leads back to the auditorium. When I went there, this girl presented me this envelope addressed to dunno who. A chinese girl. She went, "Eh" and took back the envelope and searched for my name. Zzz. Oh yea, the envelopes they gave out during the stage was blank and empty. -.-

So anyway, I wanted to leave after that but they didn't let me. Said it's going to finish soon. And it did. So apparently I was one of the last to get it. Ugh. Sucks. Well anyway, the pics will be up soon in the Ntuc website. I also dunno where. can't be bothered to write down the addy. But when I get it I'll try and put it up here.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Yesterday, us choir had a performance at the Musical Fountain at Sentosa. Just like last year. Anyway, me, Fana and Yana planned to meet at Guardian at 1. Fana arrived first, for the first time in her life, but it doesn't count. Wahahaha, because she had Maths remedial beforehand.

Anyway, Fana said that Yana went out of her house 12.30. But it was a few past 1. -.- And it was only a 15 minutes ride from her house to the school. So anyway, we went in Guardian to browse some cosmetics. By the time we went out, Fana's wrist is full of lipsticks and lipgloss which she tested on.

It was 1.15 then and still no sign of Yana. We decided to go to TM; I wanted to buy hair band. Then there was this Body Shop expendition outside TM. Fana wanted to go and browse, so we did. She bought a blusher/skin bronzer, which costs 20 bucks I think. Then I felt my handphone vibrating, it was Yana calling. She asked me where were we and I told her. Before long, she joined us. It was 1.30 then. -.-

So anyway, we were late for choir. Lucky they didn't leave without us. So before long, we on the bus, on the way to Sentosa. WOW THE BUS IS DAMN COLD. You've got to be kidding. Honestly, I was boiling in a frying pan. Haven't they heard of air-con?? Sheesh.

So we reach there, bla bla bla. To keep a long story short, it was time for the performance. Oh yea, before that, we had to make up. LOL Fana's eyeshadow. Like Chinese Opera!! LOL Miss Seow looked at Fana, and double take. She looked a bit taken aback, and she went, " Wah Farhanah. So dramatic ah your makeup." Haha jokes. So anyway, The other school singing was Pierce Secondary. Last year was MacRitchie Secondary. Anyway, we went first. It was kinda ok, except for the last song, when the music stopped when we were singing. We didn't stop though, so I guess that's gotta count for something. It was not bad, except that we kept going faster and faster.

Then it ended. So we went back to the bleachers but it was packed and people were sitting on our place. So we had to squeeze among ourselves in order to sit. We sat one row down from our original seat. And the people behind us keep talking about Fana and me. At one point, this guy tapped Fana on her shoulder and talked to her in Chinese with some hand gestures. When Fana said politely, "Sorry I don't speak Chinese," the guy laughed and pointed a finger at her, as if she said something funny. He acts.. kinda creepy..

So anyway, we watched the Pierce Secondary sing. When they sing, they sounded like the choir from Les Choristes. And the last song, they had two solo. One was a guy, a Brian look-a-like (excpt that this guy is younger) , and other is a girl. When Brian look-a-like sang, we three looked at each other, which jaws dropped. OMG he sang like Piere Morhange from Les Choristes!!! It was so nice!! And he can sing the high notes too! But he was too nervous and his voice shook. Which is a pity. Damn I'll have to watch Les Choristes again. I missed it.

So yea, anyway, we went home after that. In the bus, I noticed that Yan Jie kept looking blankly ahead and not moving at all. For a long time. And I mean it when I said for a long time. Then, at some point of time, Benny looked back at me, with his mouth opened. I looked at him silently, then, pointing at Yan Jie, Benny mouthed something with gestures. My eyes grew big and my jaws dropped this time. Same with Yana and Fana. Apparently Yan Jie is sleeping with his eyes open. LOL!!! Benny waved a hand in front of Yan Jie's face and he didn't react. He continued to stare blankly ahead, unblinkingly. LOL JOKES! We joked that he would make a good security guard. He can sleep on the job, but no one will know! And that he can win in a competition for who can open their eyes without blinking the longest. Haha jokes sia. Yan Jie doesn't fail to crack anyone up, unintentionally. And the fact that he brought home 16 bottles of mineral water and 3 containers of rice adds to it.

Anyway, I reached home at 9 and slept at 9.45. Lalala

Here are photos of Fana and Yana. Miss Seow took some pictures of us, hope she sends them to Fana.. Haha..



Saturday, September 03, 2005


I forgot to mention that yesterday, He Wei took a spoilt chair. The seat is loose, and me, Dan and Mardiana watched him take a seat. He nearly fall and we laughed. But Mardiana burst out laughing SO LOUD! Miss Ho turned and looked more bad-tempered. That was scary. Trust Mardiana to do that.. -.-

Oh yea the guys told us that Jing Feng managed to squeeze through the narrow window in the classroom. Impressive. Mardiana told me it's no wonder; his butt so flat. LOL. Gerald told me that the first time he tried, he didn't remove his bag and his butt got stuck, and the second time he tried without his bag was a success. lol cute

Friday, September 02, 2005

LaughTeR dAy

Today was laughter day. Honestly. Laughed all day long. Let's start from the morning.

Hmmm.. I woke up at 6 as usual, and got ready at 6.30. When I was going down by the staircase, I stepped on something and heard a very loud crunch. I turned around and looked down, to see a cockroach permanently stuck onto the ground. Apparently I stepped on it's head, and the head is the only part of it that is stuck onto the ground. It's legs are scrambling wildly, trying to get up and scuttle away. Despite its efforts, though, it's permanently leeched to the ground. Ugh it was so gross. I could actually feel the crack beneath my shoe! Even my sister, who was quite some way behind me, heard the crack and told me, "I was wondering what the sound was," or something along those lines anyway. Lucky there wasn't and bits and pieces stuck onto my shoe. Ugh gross gross.

Oh ya talking about my sister, she cut her hair!! Short bob! She cut at Reds. Banyak duit die! See la she cut so much nicer. Neater also, without the tangles that were impossible to untangle, and without those unruly waves that made her looks like someone from the Mental Instituition or something. I wonder how long she's going to keep her hair nice though. Oh ya, she told me the hairdresser keep scolding her and lecturing her because of her badly-kept hair. Haha jokes! Must be pleasant to her ears.

So anyway.. The fun started in Mother tongue lesson, started by Farhanah. I produced a blank paper and she wanted to draw. We had fun laughing at her drawings, which are not meant to be funny. During History I showed Danial and, referring to the second drawing (the drawing that has thick awful lips), "Eee! Anita Serawak ke ape ni!" LOL ANITA SERAWAK! HAHAHAH!!!!!

Hahaha now Isalina is also reading The Mediator. Hahaha one person referred a book, others also read. Wow. Those who don't read that is missing a lot.

Hmm anyway, I wanted to photocopy Karyaku, after school, but the tiniest problem was that the bookshop was closed and I badly need to photocopy a story from that book, for m homework. So I have to go out to photocopy at the photo shop. Oh yes, another problem. It was raining. It was drizzling before we went out of school, but I decided to borrow Suryana's umbrella. Smart move, because we were barely out of the school when it started raining heavily. So I opened Suryana's umbrella, to find that the handle is so short! I tugged some more but it still didn't budge. The umbrella looked kinda comical, so unpropotionate, and I just had to laugh. Still laughing, I showed Farhanah the umbrella. She laughed too and she tried tugging, but had the same outcome and me. We laughed so hard it was hard to control the umbrella. We laughed all the way to the photo shop. We laughed so so hard that I my stomach hurts and Mardiana accidentally squirt out pee! LOL jokes. To be honest I also felt like peeing. Hahaha that was the hardest I've laughed I think. Anyway, Farhanah went to meet her sister and, after photo copying, me and Mardiana went back to school, and I accidentally stepped on a puddle. So our feet got drenched.

Anyway we went back to class. It was only 1 and we had maths at 2.30. Surprisingly no one is in class. I expected some of the boys in.... Anyway we did some stuff to pass the time. We were outside the classroom when I saw Vincent and gang, heading back towards the class. I asked Mardiana, "You want to scare them?" She obliged. We hid in a bend, and we heard them talking and laughing, coming nearer and nearer. Then.... "Aahhrrrrgghhh!" Mardiana leapt out with a yell. Hilariously, Vincent leapt back and yelled. It wasn't a short startled yell either. It was more of a "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" kind of a yell, with dropped jaws in action. To complete this, his hand was also in a weird posture. It was damn funny I tell you! Me and Mardiana doubled up laughing hard. Vincent is the only one of the 4 who reacted. The other three merely looked at us. So now Vincent is known as the Sissy Boy, by Mardiana.

Anyway we, namely me and Mardiana, went to out Mother tongue room to chill out. Mardiana was talking about something when she saw Bi Jie. Then Bi Jie tried to hide in between the doors of the classroom. Too late, Mardiana saw him, and then she saw something peculiar too. She saw someone's stomach bulging out of a bend. It turned out to be Vincent, who hid there, no doubt to scare US back. Haha too bad he didn't suceed. Anyway, even if Mardiana did not see his big fat stomach, how long is he going to stand there anyway? We weren't done chilling yet! But he could stand as long as he want anyway, his choice.

Anyway, there was a couple of repeated announcements to vacate the new block as the Sec 4 or 5 were have listening compre examinations. We ignored the announcement, as we were supposed to have th maths remedial. Anyway, then we went down and and met Jia Hui and gang. Then we went up to class together. Then, a couple of teachers, who were at the first floor, no less, stopped us. Me and Mardiana were already at the 3rd level, and were blocked from view, while the rest couldn't hide. I made a run for it, and Mardiana followed suit. We ran to class and packed our bags and went down, to go up again to ICT Room, where the maths remedial was held ( Ms Ho changed the venue last minute).

So anyway, Miss Ho was in a bad mood. I entered and the door closed behind me by itself. And it banged. And Miss Ho told me, "Don't bang the door" and positively glared at me. Anyway, Danial bought some M&Ms, and guessed who eat like about, 6/7 of it? If you guessed Mardiana, you are so right. Typical her.

This must be the longest post I've ever typed. Oh well, my sister has been waiting impatiently since just now, so yea~

Oh yea, PS: Suryana's umbrella can be pulled down some more... -.-