Sunday, July 31, 2005

RaNdoM RambLes

Woohoo! I'm done cutting my fingernails. Oooh hold on, let me do my toenails next.

Whoopeedoo! I'm done!

Ok I'm bored. VERY bored. I've just finished reading Sandralicious' blog. Quite funny, I prefer her's to Xiaxue's. I got her blog from The New Paper.

Just read the comics section. Today's Garfield joke is quite funny.

(Click to enlarge)

Quite ironic huh. It made me breathe much easily, knowing that there is someone else who shares the same mood as me. Yea I know, Garfiled is a cat. A talking cartoon cat, in fact, but nonetheless...

Oh my God I sooo need a digital camera. A good camera phone will do too. Notice I said GOOD. My camera phone is shitty. But I have to admit, it's much better than my sister's phone. What is the use of having camera phone when you can't use the camera? Well, you can, but the lighting sucks and you can't send it to the computer, and worse, to other phones. And the rotating lens makes it harder to find the object you want to shoot.

Imagine this scene.

"Ooohh! A snail!" you friend exclaims.

"Where??" You look around frantically.

"There! On the rock that looks like your face!" she points.

"What rock?? I can only see a rock shaped like a piece of shit!"

"Yes! I'm talking about that rock!"

You are about to smack her face when she says, "Hurry! Take it's photo! It's so beautiful!"

Experated, you told her, "What's the hurry? The snail isn't going anywhere! Even it it does, it moves as slow as.... Well, as slow as a snail!"

You pick up the phone and fumble with the camera and its stupid rotating lens. Tick-tock tick-tock. Time goes by..........

Finally you got the hang of it, and aim at the rock. Squinting through the phone's view, you see nothing on that rock. You lower the phone and take a look at the rock. You double take. Confused, you see nothing.

"Where did that snail went?" you ask your friend.

"It moved away while you are busy fiddling with the phone" she replies.

"What?!? So fast??"

"Nah. Its just that you were fumbling with the phone for the whole day."

Get the idea? Bleh. The only good thing about my sister's phone is that the pixel is better than mine...

Saturday, July 30, 2005


4 words: weddings are sooooo boring! I went to the wedding just now. It was behind my school. And while walking to the place, I saw some sort of an auditorium. So near, and all the time we went to sunplaza park!! It's called Festival Park or something like that. If I'm not mistaken, I think there is going to be a performance there. I spent 7 eighth of the time (literally speaking) standing like an idiot. We should have come later, the bride and groom wasn't down yet. I saw Wardah. Her mum was smarter. She went up to see the bride instead of waiting. The items they gave was ferrero rocher to children and a mug with an egg inside to adults.

I am writing this in my handphone, while waiting for the wedding couple. I'm going to forward this to the computer as soon as i'm done. Which is when my mum's done looking at the bride and groom. It's 4.45 now, we've been here for 1 hour and 15 minutes. And i've been standing for about one hour... On my heel! Maybe i can try out the Survivor tolerance challenge.. I'm sick but i'm still forced to go.

We have a winner for the Silver Award, and also for the guess the bird contest too. I have yet to finish that section. And add more graphics. Damn Monday have choir. I hope i'll be well enough to sing. Bleh choir is so boring. But still.

So yes i'm mumbling nonsense. But it's so boring, i have no choice. Or i'll die of boredome. Ok let's check the time. Oooh It's 4.55. 5 more mins till the bride and groom go down. Lalala waiting................... Still waiting still standing..............

It's 5 past 5. Still no sight of them. Wardah's mum is also impatient. Bleh i want to sleep. 15 past 5. Still waiting . Half past 5. Still waiting. 5.40.. Still waiting.. 6 o clock.. Still waiting.. Half past six.. Still waiting..

5 mins later.... WooT! Finally! They are down!! Their clothes are damn unique! it's bright orange.... And guess what.. The clothes.... The bride sewed it herself! Wow! Impressive! So yea.. Then weeee!!! Can go home already!!! Not bad, I stood for about 3 hours!! Not forgetting, on the heels too!

Friday, July 29, 2005


Ugh. Guess what. I'm down with flu. Sucks. My nose is all red from all the nose-blowing. It hurts too. UGhhh. And I also have sore throat. Sucks sucks.

Just now when I went home I saw this lizard. It's not the common lizard. It kinda pretty and unique. It's body is sleek and golden-brown, and when it moves, it's body sort of slithered, like a snake. It's soo cool!

So yea, this is one of the shortest posts in a while. Oh yea, later I'm going to watch Kingdom Of Heaven, but I hope I will feel well enough to stay up and watch!

And I'm going to eat my dinner now.

Signing off~~

OH yes! I forgot to mention something. I have one good news ~ Gerald has recovered from dengue fever. And one sad news. My friend's cat just died.

Its been a day or two. According to her, "he had broken his jaw three weeks back. he couldnt eat, and constanly got maggots in his mouth. then he developed a skin and eye infection. plus he lost alot of blood...he could barely stand. so we had to put him to sleep"

Ugh poor thing

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Oops sorry for not updating. Ok yea well I'm updating now. I think I'll just summarise what happened last few days.

I finally watched Madagascar and The Pacifier! WooT! The baby lemur is sooooo damn cute!!! Cuter than the Puss In Boots of Shrek 2!

Puss In Boots

Mort the Baby Lemur

Well, so which one is cuter huh?? If you say Puss In Boots, I'm going to whack your head with his boots.

Yea, so to continue, I will talk about after school yesterday. Some of us stayed back to present our IPW project, and the theme is to raise nature awareness. Us trio went up to class first. Then, a guy from Normal Tech asked me for He Wei. I said I don't know where he was and told him to check in the canteen. Then we proceeded to the Art Room, where we would be presenting.

In our group, only me, Mardiana, Suryana and Vincent came. How pathetic is that? So anyway, we didn't have a lot of things done. Only my bookmarks and some of those which were done last minutes. The DNT students were supposed to collect our artifact back from Mr Yeo, but we didn't. And the Home Econs students were supposed to do make a Chewy Bar, except that they didn't. And we did not even have a container to store all our stuff!

Mardiana was the one who thought of a plan to save our skins. They were a bit far-fetched and it's obvious that we were not prepared yet. But that's better than standing like an idiot in front of everyone, not having anything ready. She took her tube of Mentos and wrapped it with paper. This is the supposedly "Chewy Bar". And Suryana lend us her plastic bag for us to store the stuff inside. And Mardiana used her wind chime she made last year, instead of the artifact she made this year.

Mardiana said the Chewy Bar was eaten by Vincent, and that "now, it's in Vincent's stomach". He protested, which is such a dumb thing to do. But then, he IS dumb. =) She also said that the plastic was recycled as we did not buy a new plastic bag; instead we used the one that we had gotten. Confirm fail our IPW.

Danial's group cheated! They bought a bag of potato chips and said they made it! So our group decided to sabotage them. Suryana (or was it Mardiana?) asked them, "what are the ingredients used to make the potato chips?" Justin answered, "Potato...." he faltered, and tried again, "Potato.... And pepper I think..." And I shouted, "YOU THINK???" Everyone was making so much noise lol! It was kind of funny.

And Ritz group had a plastic bag, inside containing something. It looked disgusting. I think it's cupcake or something, but they kept dropping it, so now it became like watery shit. Even Ritz held up the bag like there's shit inside. LOL! And Mardiana SMSed him - after the presentation ended - that it looked like a piece of shit. Hahha.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005



Monday, July 25, 2005

BorinG bOrinG

We had class photo-taking today. A few of us went down much earlier than others to have our lunch, because a few selected pupils were going to go to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. After our lunch, we got ready for the photo-taking. We put on our ties and groomed ourselves, and thought of how to pose for the informal shot. Finally we were ready and went to the old foyer, where there photo-taking was held. Our class was sooooo slow! Finally they came down.

Soon, our class is next. Guess where I stood! In the FIRST ROW!!!!!! Beside the teachers! Ok, more like where I SAT. I have never sat in the first row before!!!!!! ARGH SUCKS!!!

So first, it was the formal shots. I took off my specs. Bleh. I wanted to wear specs, but I was afraid of the reflection of the flash. So, I reluctantly took off my specs. I put it on again for the informal shots. The light wont hit my glasses because I was looking sideways.

Anyway, after the photo-taking, me, Mardiana and Suryana quickly went to change to our appropriate attire. Lucky they didn't went without us! I brought camera, water bottle, handphone, insect repellant and pencil only. It was a waste bringing the camera because there was something wrong with it. ARGH!

So anyway, on the whole, it was quite boring because it kept raining and we always have to head for shelter and wait for the rain to pipe down. I only saw a small cute little squirrel. It wa Suryana who spotted first, then me. Then one whole bunch gathered around, asking us where the squirrel was.

So yea, we had to wlk on a VERY VERY VERY steep slope, and now my legs are aching. And I'm so tired. I guess I will stop here. Toodle doo~!

EDIT: I found out why the camera wasn't working. My sis didn't put in the film correctly!

PS: Will you please buy a new adaptor soon??? Like, tomorrow??

Friday, July 22, 2005


I took this using my friend's camera phone. That's why it has the quality of a pile of dog shit. Here's my hand, with the Hennah on!

So this Monday, after school, me and a few of my classmates are going to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Woohoo! Can't wait~! It's supposed to be a learning trip, with worksheets and stuff. But heck. And I've got to miss choir! WEEE!!! Can't wait! Lalala~...

I've won another site awards. Hoping to get more, but I'll have to add more contents first. Later, since I'm busy lately.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Oops, sorry for not completing the previous post. My teacher came up, and I had to quickly publish the post. My teacher caught Mardiana posting, and strangled her playfully. I had a lucky escaped though. She saw this window opened, but she just said some harmless stuff.

So anyway, to continue, the rest followed suit and we finally decided to go to ICT Room 1. And guess what. THEY WERE THERE! ARGH I we went all over the school........ Hmm nvm nvm..

So.. Let's proceed to today's events. Today is Racial Harmony Day. After school, the first thing me and Farhanah went to was the Hennah section. There was 3 people doing it. We queud up at the nearest one. Then we realised her designs are plain and boring, so we moved to the next one. Both of them we very professional. In fact, one of them is a senior girl from our school! Impressive.

I prefer her designs, but Farhanah prefer the other one. So we queued up separately. I love the smell of the Hennah man! I went first, and while waiting for Farhanah, I watched the Indian Dance by a little Indian girl. Farhanah in the end queued up to get her hand done by the PRSS student, as a lot of people are cutting queue. Then finally, Farhanah got her hand done.

Then Noriz kindly called me to tell me that the Ketupat Weaving competition was starting. Mardiana and Suryana were taking part. So we went in the Career Guidance Room where the competition was held. Actually, some seniors were just explaining to the participants on how to weave a Ketupat. I saw Wardah, my cousin there. I thought she was taking part too, but in fact, she was one of the helpers!! She was the only junior helper; the rest were seniors! Impressive. Proud of her! Woo hoo!

Mardiana can actually do! But she doesn't know how to tighten it and make it into the correct shape. She asked Wardah for help, but still can't do it. While Suryana was totally helpless lol...

I want to learn how to make Ketupat! It's so embarrassing, not knowing how to do!!

For some of you who doesn't know what is a ketupat, it looks like this:
Image hosted by

Anyway, after the competition was over, the three of us; that is to say, me, Farhanah and Suryana, decided to chill first. We met Winnie on the way and told her we would be joining them (the choir) later because of the Racial Harmony activities. So in the end we went for choir at 5. AND, to top it all, it didn't end at 6, like usual. It ended at 5.30!! So we came for only 30 minutes and we were still marked as present in the attendance!! Wahahaha!

In SchOoL

Lalalala I'm in scool! It's malay period, and we're supposed to search on something. But I'm tempted to blog, so here I am.
Oh yes I forgot to blog on one thing yesterday. It happened yesterday.

Yesterday, I wanted to attend the SAIL programme after school. We didn't know where it was. I went with Mardiana, Isalina, Jia Hui and Jodie. Isalina said it was either at the library, ICT Room 1 (the computer lab), or the AVA room. We went to the library first, but it was closed because of teacher's contact time meeting. So we went to the AVA Room. Me and Isalina peeped outside, and saw the three Maths teacher there; Miss Ho Lee Chew, Mdm Nora, and Mdm Lim. We thought it was the SAIL Programme, but then it was all Sec Ones! And t was Mdm Goh who was in-charge! But the rest said to just go in and see what is it about. So we did. We sat and the back. There was a cartoon video playing, and all the more I felt this was not the place.

Soon, the Jia Hui realised it was the wrong one and asked me if we can go now. I promptly went out. The rest hung behind for awhile, before following suit.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


WooT! My posts are getting longer, do you realise? Ok this entry is NOT counted, this is just an update. Cuz..................... I FINALLY CAN PLAY THE 8 BARS OF "YOU RAISE ME UP"!!! INCLUDING THE RIGHT FINGERINGS AND ALL! FINALLY! WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

La DeE Da

So, today, Mdm Zulaiha is not here again. Rumours are the she's on maternity leave. Lol. So we have 2 free periods.

Zhan Shuo got into a pile of shit today. Not literally of course. That would be my sister. Anyway, he squirted glue onto the back of Carlo's pants. It didn't take long for him to realise the glue was on his pants. He wiped it off, but there was still stained. He wasn't very happy. Then he put silicon gel, from his packet of seaweed, in Justin's back pockets. Another uhappy guy. Zhan Shuo said he really hated them both, that's why he did all these. The two of them told the teacher, the teacher spoke to Zhan Shuo. But he wriggled out of trouble. He's really pro at acting innocent. I wasn't doing anything in particular when I thought of Hong Kong money. I asked Suzaina, who was sitting beside John, for the Hong Kong money. The 10 dollar note is really really REALLY nice!!!!!! It's purple and the design is soooo cool! I want it!!!!!!!!

On the way to PE, me and Mardiana spotted a slug at the drain. Mardiana picked it up with my paper, and we kept them. While having PE, we put it down in one corner. We played traditional games. It was fun! Wahahaha. After PE, Mardian a carried the slug, on the paper, but we realised that it moved! Then we bought our food. After changing into our uniforms, we went to our usual eating place. I kept staring and looking at the slug. This is one cautious slug. It took a long time to finally pop his head out at me.

The bell rang and we went back to our classroom. Everyone crowded around us, wanting to see it, and Chloe, the Hong Kong exchange students, even took it's picture! I showed Zhan Shuo and he offered an empty water bottle for us to keep it in, and I asked him to slit an air hole (not asshole) to allow air to come into the bottle.

During English lessons, we continued with our last debate, about BGR. Syed.. Power~!! He spoke well and had us laughing! He was really rebellious!

Then it was music lesson. On the way to the music room, I decided to set the poor slug free on the garden. We had difficulty forcing it out of the bottle, but in the end Mardiana managed it. After music ended, we both went back to the garden to check on the slug. But guess what. The spot where we released Sluggie was just an empty grass patch!

By the way, I got a new domain! But I shall have to work on it first, so in the mean time, I'll continue with blogger!

Just now Farhanah suddenly sang One Tree Hill's theme song, and I suddenly remembered that I wasted to search on the lyrics AGES ago! So I finally came round to did it! WooT! Today got One Tree Hill!!! WEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Dum deE Dum

Oh yea I forgot to blog about some things. A coupe of weeks ago, after school, I witnessed a fight. It was on a Thursday. I saw a group of Sec 4 guys in the canteen, and saw a Chinese guy beating up a Malay guy. Some of the Chinese guy's friends tried to stop him, pulling him away, but he still continued bashing him up. At last his friends managed to stop him. Suryana didn't see the fight, because when I told her too look, they had already stopped. She did see the gang though, and I filled her in on what had happened. I was so horrified, looking at the fight. It's different when you see it LIVE, right in front of your own eyes!

Then, yesterday during Home Economics, we wree talking about Racial Harmony. He then said that "two of his students we suspended from school because they fought after school, a few weeks ago. It happened on a Thurday." Me and Suryana put two and two together, and realised that they were the one whom I saw fighting! It was a very sombre topic.

Oh yes, and I finished reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince last Sunday. I slept at midnight, for the sake of finishing it. I can't say it's the best book. This book has not much adventures, only informations, which no doubt will be helpful in the next book.

SPOILERS! Highlight to read!
+ Dumbledore
died. He died because Snape, whom he blindly trust, killed him with the
Avada Kedavra

+ Snape was never on Dumbledore's side in the first place.

+ Draco became a death eater, appointed by Voldy. Narcissa, his mother, thinks
it's because Voldy want Draco dead, in his anger for his father, Lucious, for
failing his task to take the prophecy.

+ Snape is the half-blood prince. His surname is Prince, and he is

So today is the dabate for English. Guess who's first? US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXAMS SHOULD BE ABOLISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!! How unlucky can that be??? Suryana was the best speaker. I wrote her a message, but she thought it was meant for her to say it out!! But lucky, teacher approved of it, and I think it helped us win too. Oh yea, so we won!

Today, BOTH of our form teachers did not come. So we have free 4 periods in a row. WEee!!!! We played SOS, and I won. It's something like Tic-Tac-Toe, except that we have to link S-O-S, and not X-X-X or O-O-O. Oh yea, the Hong Kong students joined our class today. Kok Pern's buddy, Johnathan, looked really cute. Like little little boy. He don't look our age at all! Both of them were friendly and likeable.

It was raining when I wanted to go home. Lucky for me, I brought an umbrella. It's always a must bring for me! Anyway, I was on the way to the bus stop when 3 girls rushed up to me, under the umbrella. They are Sec 3 I think. I was so shocked and bewildered. I mean, how do you feel if a total stranger just rushed up to you to shade herself under your umbrella? But I shaded them of course. Or one of them anyway. It was too squeezy and the other two decided to run for it. Zzz...

Oh yes, I have a list of ideas for my subdomain name. It narrowed it down to 3 though.

I don't know which one to choose! Help anyone?

Monday, July 18, 2005

A seRieS of EventfuL EvenTs =P

Today, the Hong Kong students came to our school. It's part of the exhange programme, and their buddies will get to go to Hong Kong this early December! There's a chance they might be able to go to Disneyland as well! The Hong Kong students stood at the front wih their buddies. I saw a girl that I immediately thought I wouldn't like. She seemed, somehow, bitchy. I like the look of Vionna's buddy! Very pleasant face. Hope I'll get to know more of them soon.

Assembly was funny today. After the voting for the Council President, there was a show by dunno who. It's about racial harmony. At the end of the show, 3 guy volunteers are needed. Guess what they had to do? They had to dance!! The whole hall laughed their heads off. I laughed especially hard when Ching Kiat stuck out his butt for pose!

4 of the HK people went for choir, as their buddy are from choir. One of them was, guess who, none other than the girl whom I thought bitchy. She sat beside me and looked very bored, throughout the three hours. Some point of time, she looked blur, and I helped her a bit. She seemed ok though, although she seems a bit.. Proud.. The way she speaks and everything. Hard to describe...

Oh yea I finally got a domain by!! I have yet to think of a name for my site! I want to keep Insanely-mad, but Anyone have a good idea for me?? Help appreciated!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

WeddiNgs ArE BoRing!!!

Ugh the wedding was extremely boring. I don't know what would have become of me if not for Mardiana and Gerald. I didn't see anyone I know, and the aunties are all gossiping away. Including my mum, of course. Finally, my mother told me we can go now. But guess what. As we stood up to go, they all talk talk talk again. So I just stood there like a stupid idiot. Then, 73 hours later, FINALLY we went off. But guess what again. My mum went to Shing Song with one of my aunt, and they spent AGES there! They even told each other what their children like to eat! Yawns~! Needless to say, I was very glad when we went home. This time for real.

While I was away at that stupid wedding, my sister has kindly added a few points for my debate speech. Thanks yea ^^ WooH! 3 minutes!!!!! Yea I'm done!!!


AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! That freaking debate! I wrote one page and it's only 1 minute! So I have to write 3 pages to accomplish the 3 minute rule! Bleh bleh bleh. Why did I ever agree to this. Then later I'll have to go to don't know whose wedding. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME! It's bad enough that I HATE weedings, and now I have lesser time for the debate! Shucks shucks sucks!

Vincent's theme is harder than mine, but I think he could do it. He's the number 1 bullshitter around. Note that I said around, and not in class. I have yet to meet a better bullshitter than him. And he badly does't want to lose. Which, course, is a good thing, but me and Suryana have never seen him taking work seriously before.

Added one affiliate. She visited my site, so in return, I visited hers. She's new but I think she's doing a great job. So I'll advertise her site on mine, and mine on hers. Ah the fairness of it.

I've found someone who would host me, but I have yet to know the details.

Saturday, July 16, 2005


I joined some topsites~ The links are on the left hand side. Support me people! ^_^

Also a new layout! I like this one, more cooler..

So now I'm reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The first thing my mum said when she saw the cover was, 'Aiyo'. Got to agree with her though. It's so ugly. Not that the adult version is any better either. I think the best cover is Order Of The Phoenix, kid's version. Very cool, with flames around the phoenix.

Ok guess I'm gonna clear out some links under Listed, then I'll continuue reading!!!! Wee!

Friday, July 15, 2005


.. Danial broke his record. He farted 16 times in one hour and 29 times in two hours. Ughh gross. He kept farting in the library. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ disgusting. Worse than my sister. Ok on the other hand maybe not.

So today, after school, Me, Suryana, Vinceent and Gerald went to the library to do the debate stuff. Examinations should be abolished, proposition team. Bleh. Farhanah went along to help us. At first she can't stand the two guys, but then in the end she said they are ok. Although she still can't stand them. LOL guess she'll have to get used to them first. But I'll say she handled vincent well LOL. "You just got your ass screwed." Wahaha you go girl!

After that we (that is to day, us three girls) went to KFC to eat. The malay auntie there very nice. Ver y friendly. I like her... I think she's friendly towards us because we always go there, so she got to know us. Haha jokes. Bleh.

Then I got home, I on the computer for a while, then I slept. ZzZzZZz, then I woke up, ate my dinner, and now I'm typing this. I'm working on another skin currently so, guess it's back t owork now! Toodle doo!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

JusT a DaY

So, today was just an ordinary day. Let's see wht happened... AwW shucks, nothing much happened today, but in Maths lesson, Zhan Shuo found a little caterpillar on his desk. It's soooooooo cute! He caught it and set it up a "man-made habitat" for it.

Atfer school, we went for lunch before having our maths peer tutoring program. But guess what? The canteen was crowded! So we bought food and drinks and ate it behind the councillor room, where we always meet every morning. When we went up, Miss Ho was already there. Me, Noriz, and some other people had to have extra remedial, at the old foyer. So I skipped choir and went for the remedial. I was doing nothing when the guys (one whole gang) came up. Alamak! So I ignored them. I waited for Suryana and Farhanah to be dismissed from choir. Slow pokes!

Woohoo! I finally can remember (though a bit slowly), that:

Sin = Opp / Hyp
Cos = Adj / Hyp
Tan = Opp / Adj

Ooh la La~

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Ooh La La~

So today we went to school as usual. I took the bus again, and saw Biman at the bus stop again. Waited for awhile, then 15 and 21 came. So of course I took 21. I hate 15! I sat at the top deck. Then, the bus halted at Ritz bus stop, and I thought I saw Ritz going on the top deck and sitting in front. But the bus was crowded, and I can't see him, so I just thought that it was someone else.

Then got this indian man sat beside me. Some time during the journey, he fell asleep, and his freaking head kept nodding towards me. I feel like smaking his face with a paper, like what Vincent always do to me. Aha! Vincent, I didn't call you Vinny, did I??

So, we reach our bus stop (the indian man is still there, worse luck). I waited for everyone to go down first, before going down myself. But guess what? I'm not the last. There, in front, waiting for everyone to go down first like me, was Ritz. So I was right! It was him I saw.

During PE, we played some games with balls (don't think dirtY). We hit the ball all over the places, and Mardiana aimed the ball at Jodie's butt! It was unintentional, and we all laughed. Then skali, my butt also kena hit by another team's ball! ZzZ. Then Suryana threw the ball at KACANG! Unintentionally of course. It's contaminated! She touched it! EEEEEeeeeeeewwwwwwwww!!! Too bad it didn't hit her though.. Then I hit the ball. And it sailed over to KACANG again!!!!!! DOUBLE EEEEEEWWWWWwwwwwwww!!!!!

Then there was one time when we lined up outside. It was for PE i think. Well Ritz was dunno some stupid stuff. He faced the back door with his hands outstretched and he spun round and round into the classrooms. Then he almosts hugged Suryana! She was like WTF? Then this Ritz, his reaction so funny! He frozed in mid-air, with his arms still outstretched and his face! LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Me and Suryana couldn't stop laughing!!!!!! We still find it funny now!!! And Danial saw all this too, he told me, "AHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAA FUNNY SIA HIS REACTION." LOL! Joke of the day!

Monday, July 11, 2005

All AbouT TodAY

Today was a very fun day! Particularly because TWO teachers did not come today, so 4 whole STRAIGHT periods gone! We, that is to say, Danial, Me, Mardiana and Suryana played every game we can think of!

After all the fun, I don't feel like going back to my original place. BORING! Mdm Zulaiha gave out the Drugs Awareness green badge; the green ribbon badge. Guess what Vincent thought it was? AIDS Awareness.. -.- How dumb can anyone get?

So she was droning on and on. It was quite interesting really, I like learning about these stuff. Well, while she was talking, Vinny did a STUPID thing. He blew into a plastic bag, and he popped it. It made a very loud sound, and needless to say, he got into trouble. Dumb stuff number 2.

After that, I ate Mee Rebus at school. My first time eating noodles in school! Then I ate cream puff. Yum yum! Then we chilled at the Fitness Corner before going to choir. We discovered that there was a new teacher in-charge of choir! He's a HE, and he looked like a sour prune. Ms Lye, the conductress, went to Hong Kong and did not come for choir. ARGHH! If I knew that, I would not have come!!

After we were released, we had fuun with Alice In Wonderland pop-up book! Me and Fana had a great time laughing, and it was one of the rare times when I laughed so hard with a friend!

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Yesterday was such a fun day!! Now I am aching all over because of yesterday!

My mother tongue teacher brought us out to East Coast Park for an outing. I woke up at 7.30, go online, bathe and got ready. I smsed Mardiana what bus I'm taking so she can take the same bus as me too. We arrived and say Zahri and Sofy. A few seconds later, Suryana came. Then Atikah, followed by Farhanah. Gerald smsed me that Farhanah walked past him without noticing him. Lol jokes. We waited for the teacher. She was 5 minutes late.

We took 31. The queue was sooooo long! We waited a while before the bus arrived. To our delight, it was a double decker bus! So of course we sat on the top deck. It was such a long ride! 1 hour! And guess where we stopped? AT MARINE PARADE! I WASTED MY MONEY AND 1 AND A HALF HOUR TAKING TWO BUSES WHEN I CAN JUST TAKE 15 FOR 30 MINUTES!!

Ah well, but never mind, it was quite a fun ride. And maybe if I took 15, I will turn out like Ritz, who had waited more then half an hour for us. He messaged Mardiana, saying he felt like a stupid guy standing there alone. So maybe it was not such a loss after all. Okay, fine, I'm lying. I wished I took 15. I could go with Atikah. She also didnt know where we were going to stop, and told me that she felt like a stupid kid, going back and forth.

Once we reached there, we ate breakfast at Mc Donalds and while waiting for the rest to finish, Mardiana played Neopets and I watched her play. The internet connection was faster than our school's but the flash games were sooooooo slow! Like Mardiana said, it was a game for old ah mahs.

I was afraid that I forgot how to balance on the bike, so I forced Farhanah to ride with me. Then can paiseh together. At first I was wobbling on the bike, but soon I got the hang of it. Then Mardiana fell, trying to do a "STUNT". She got a few scratches and she bit her lips I think. Either that or she hit her lips. After Mardiana cleared up, Suryana wanted to try out the bicycle, and guess what. Suryana can ride the bike! But she said she can't! So, not wanting to feel left out, she decided to rent a bike and I accompanied her. I was on the bike, on the way to the rent shop, when Mardiana called. I told her that we were going to rent a bike for Suryana and she said, "Kk, wait for me, I'll be there."

So, we WAITED AND WAITED AND WAITED. Getting impatient, Suryana told me to call her again. And guess what? SHE WAS AT THE JETTY, WHICH WAS DAMN FAR AHEAD! SO MUCH FOR THE "Kk, wait for me, I"ll be there."

So we rented without Mardiana and cycled to where Mardiana and the rest was, and saw the guys along the way. So we rode together. It was further than we thought it was. So finally we reached there. Then all of us rode back again. And Farhanah could cycle already. Woohoo!

At one point of time, Me and Farhanah crashed together. I didnt know what happened, it was too fast. I think we were too near. I braked but it didnt help. I fell and had minor injuries, so I'm alright. And one of Farhanah's sandal's strap broke. THEN soon after that, my bicycle accidentally wheeled over her foot!

Then Mardi fell for the second time, because of a kid who was running in front of her. Mardiana swerved to the right to prevent crashing, but the kid ran to that side too! Then Mardiana fell. The kid stared down at her for a few seconds, and then ran back to his mother. I heard his little sister, a bit older than him, explaining what happened to their mum and their mum chided his little son. Her leg was injured in a way. I think her nerves were stretched or something.

Then, Mardiana fell again! I didn't know what happened, but I think she crashed into Farhanah or something. And her jeans tore! And not below either, but it was so high up! It was a big rip too! Lucky I noticed, or else she would have walked around with a hole in her pants! Then we took a break from cycling.

Soon after, Farhanah invited us to go cycling again, while teacher stayed with Mardiana. Atikah told me about a yellow lighthouse, and I didn,t know about it. So we went there. It was just a small lighthouse, and I saw some guys with a surfboard. As if they can surf! OOOoooohhhhhh!! What a bIgGGGg wave we have in Singapore!! They looked like real idiots.

Then we went back to where Mardiana and our teacher were. Our teacher decided it was time to go home. And poor Farhanah walked slower than an old grandma, trying to walk with her broken sandals on. Me and Atikah lagged behind with her while the rest are all happy happy walking in front.

Before gong home, we tried to find some shorts or pants for Mardiana, and I found a nice pink bermuda for a bomb of 16 bucks. And poor Farhanah couldn,t find a slipper so she had to walk with one of her sandals spoilt all the way to Parkway. On the way to finding a pair of slippers for her, we saw the pet shop, spectacles shop and the message place where XiaXue went before, as written in her blog.

In the end Farhanah found a slipper she liked, and she could walk properly again! Then we drank at the hawker centre and chit chat for a bit. Finally we decided to go home, and tired out, I slept at 9 that day!

It was a fun day while it lasted, and no doubt it will be the last outing with her, with Mardiana having these accidents.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

SloW PokE

I'm in my school computer lab now. This computer is sooo damn slow, I gave up playing games..
I played Yahoo Towers but luck's not on my side, so I gave up. I wouldn't want to lost all my ratings!! 0.o I tried chatting on Neopets, but it's so slow that I changed my mind. I ended up blogging, as you can see.. I wish this period will go oneand on. It's supposed to be PE, but Mr Peh didn't come I think, so here we are, in the computer lab.
Mardiana's beside me now, playing a game, dunno what, and keep talking to herself. She just said, "You waannt, banana?" 0.O 10 more minutes till recess.. Arghh.. I forgot to bring my Maths today!! I thought I brought, but then in class I realised I didn't! AAAAHHHH!!
Zhan Shuo was playing Batman or something, adnd Gerald and He Wei go tease and disturb him..... LOL... so bad sia... And Mardiana just said, "And you stupid monkey, this is for you, yeh yeh yeh yeh", and keep pressing furiously on the keyboard. And she did not realised that the teacher in-charge is standing behind her.
Talking to yourself is a bad habit, but it keeps people entertained. >.<

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Bloody Sister

My sister is sooooo bloody irritating. We don't get to see my father everyday, yet when it's the weekend, and when I told my father we're coming later to see him and do housework for him, she will make up some lame excuses not to go.

Correction. I'M the one who do his housework for him while her butt is stuck to the sofa.

I guess all the stuff she wrote about my father are all just pretence.

Friday, July 01, 2005

RenT A RooM?!?!?

Okay, I've been receiving phone calls by a lot of China students lately. Apparently, they are looking for a room to rent. HOW DO THEY KNOW OUR NUMBER?!?!??! It's irritating, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE THE OPERATOR and the others in the house are useless gits.

I had asked one of the China callers, where did she get our number, and she quickly said they will call back later, which she didn't for your information. Obviously avoiding the question. I really want to know who gave out our number dammit!

She Just Wanted To Hurt Me

Oh I was soooooooo damnn bored I just had to make a crappy story to keep me sane from boredome.

She just wanted to hurt me

Eva, Brittany, and Chelsea have been best friends--a trio--since elementary school: eating lunch together every day; chatting on the phone all night; spending each weekend shopping together; sharing secrets, confidences, triumphs, and tragedies. Brittany has a great boyfriend, and she can't ask for more. But little by little, things begins to change. Eva and Chelsea often left her out and not spending time with her at all. She feels jealous and left out. This went on for sometime and hard feelings are brewing. Although Brittany longs to tell her friends how hurt she is over their lack of interaction with her lately, she fears her words will be perceived as petulance. She keeps her hurt inside, for the sake of friendship; not wanting their relationship to fall to pieces.

After some time, however, Brittany's boyfriend, too, starts to act different. He seemed almost edgy when she's around, like he has something to hide. Gradually, Bryson seems to avoid Brittany. She is upset than ever, and her friends come to her side to comfort her. Brittany begins to change her mind about Eva and Chelsea. Brittany is ever so thankful to her two friends, especially Eva. She has made her feel much better, and Brittany is so grateful to have such wonderful friends.

That coming Saturday, she decides to go to the mall to buy something for her friends as a token of gratitude. She gazes through the windows of every shop. An item in a shop caught her eye. She looked through the window, and takes a double look. Her breath caught in her throat. The vision in her eyes blurred, but she holds her head high and she marches in the shop. Without warning, she slaps Bryson and Eva. Stunned and taken aback, both of them let go of each others hands. Tears well up in Brittany's eyes, and she rushes out onto the road, only to be hit by an oncoming car.


okay I've just realised that Shell, my friend from the past, has written about me in her blog on the 25th of June about my help with her guestbook.

This is what she wrote:

June 25
Haz, you rock the world!!

Gotta give a shout out to my "friend from the future"!! (She lives in Singapore; while it's the wee hours of Saturday morning here, it's the middle of Sunday afternoon there.) I couldn't get the link for that damnable guest map to work. I just decided to give's easier that way. Then we started chatting and I mentioned that was what I had been doing and she said "Give me the code, I'll do it for you." She fixed it in less than 30 seconds!! Cuz she's some sorta genius!! And of course I'm a complete airhead. So, Haz, you totally rock the freakin' world! I can feel it shakin' all the way over here on the other side!! LOL!! Thanx soooooooo much!!!