Thursday, September 30, 2004

FuN dAy

Wow.. Today was a fun day!

Lets see.. There was no Geo exam as the teacher did not come to school and Maths exam is postponed to Monday.

Maths period was fun today!! Lots of laughter.. Threw liquid paper to Dan, but hit Jing Xiong's head.. (YIKES!)

Got scolded cuz I was laughing.. Noriz oso laugh but she didn't get scolded.. Hmmmph..

Then when we going home this Mardi made me laugh so hard that my stomach hurts! The topic is about Dan! Wakakakakaka!! She say he **** and then she got look ***** his NCC uniform.. She said his ***** was big and that he can wear a ***!!!! ahahhhaha!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

StuPid tHiNg tO dO

Today in Maths, Danial did a dumb thing. You know those pencils that you don't have to sharpen cuz there are a lot of separated leads? Well he wanted to sharpen it.. And he used my plastic ruler to do that!!! Then... PIAK! It broke!! Hahahaha!! How stupid can you get???

(Figuratively speaking Dan!)


Wow.. I just woke up from my sleep!! I was sooo sleepy in school today! It's because I slept late last night just to study my Science.. Woow!!

Monday, September 27, 2004

FoR a BuS' sAke

Hahahha! ROTFL!!! Just now was so funny!

Me, Mardiana and Isalina went to the Tampines Interchange to take the bus number 65 home. However, we just missed the bus and Isalina wanted to take another bus. So we decided to wait for the bus number 8, which is very far from 65.

I had a hunch that 65 would come first before 8, and I was right. Soon enough, I saw 65 arriving. Unfortunately, the 65 station was too far for us to run and catch the bus. Then Mardiana had a good idea to take the bus. The bus stop which has 65 stopping was very close to the bus station number 8. So we ran, crossed the road, ran again, crossed the road again, and ran some more. I was laughing so hard that I had no energy to run! But Mardiana still had a lot of stamina(wow! steady steady!! not bad not bad!) !!

That was the first time that I took 'desperate' measures for a bus!!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Choir BBQ

I just came back from choir farewell partty.. It's actually a barbeque at Pasir Ris Park.

I planned to meet Farhanah Sheikh at Tampines Guardian this afternoon but we met in bus 21 instead.. Haha!!

We went to buy something at Tampines then we went to Whitesands by MRT. Then we went to the NTUC and bought drinks for the party. Farhanah had difficulty carrying them haha! We bought 3 bottles of drinks each.

Then we went to the MRT station to meet Suryana and the rest of the choir members. Then we took the bus 403 there.

It was evening and the night sky was very nice. Here's the pic I took of the sky:

Nice isn't it?

Anyway.. Me, Suryana, Aisyah, and Farhanah and Nutz went strolling at the path near the beach. It was quite dark and Suryana and Farhanah were afraid of meeting ghosts!! Hahaha!! I pulled my long hair to the front to fightened them.. Hahaha it was fun!!

Then a group of guys went past us. One of them was Aaron Aziz! Suryana was soo gleeful that she saw him, uunlike me who couldn't care less.. Farhanah was damn jealous!!! HAHAHA..

After that we went back to the BBQ pit.. We ate, then we played games.. The games were not as fun as the choir camp though.

There was this game that you have you spell names with your ASS. Suryana was chosen!! THere were 2 teams. They could throw water bombs at us to distract us. I got water splasehed all over my front!!! ARGH!!

Then after the games we ate the pandan cake. It was also Miss Seow's birthday. 9/11.. nicee date huh? Very memorable.. (The Twin Towers)

Then, to fast forward, it was time to go home. I change my tee at the toilet and took the bus 403 back to interchange.. The bus 403 was SO DAMN SLOW!

Then I took 21 home frfom the interchange.

It was my first time to a BBQ and I had fun.

Saturday, September 04, 2004


You're Elizabeth Swan, governer's daughter. Every pervy orlando-fancier hates you.

Which POTC character are you?

You are a - Neutral Sheep!Congrats - you do what you like! You make your own rules, not follow the flock!
Which flock do you follow?


Look at the following scenarios:
A) Two people trapped in a lift.
B) Nobody in a deserted village except yourself.
C) Pollution of any kind (to the sea or land etc.)
D) Buildings - collapse / fire disasters / natural disasters.

Which one u felt is the most miserable?

A) Two people trapped in a lift.
You feel a bit inferior about yourself.You tend to think very well.However when it involves personal feelings,you are in a total mess!!!!

=Lovelife:=You can manage a one two one relationship but when too many competitors or targets appeared,you will tend to panic and ruin everything instead!Do not process the ability to flirt around.Try not to be a boring lover.

B) Nobody in a deserted village except yourself.
You are basically a person who enjoys looking back to the past. A very emotional person indeed.Easily influenced by the people or surroundings around you. Eg. If The society is sad about the death of Princess Diana, you will also share the same sentiments or when watching a sad movie...Like Titanic, you will be so engrossed in the movie that you will end up being sadder than the main casts in the movie!!!!!!!

Lovelife:=Very Messy! Are you a very confused person? Sometimes you like to be left alone, Sometimes you want to be love, Sometimes you need her/him, sometimes you don't?? Does it sound familiar? You better sort out about yourself before you cause another party to be in pain for you.

C) Pollution of any kind (to the sea or land etc.)

You are suitable to go into politics cos u are able to differentiate between wrong from right pretty well and plus........You are very decisive.

Lovelife:=However when it comes to love,you are very INDECISIVE...... And so you are not suitable to fall in love. As in similar to (B) You sometimes need him/her, sometimes you don't......Same advise!! You go think it over and better not hurt another innocent party!!

D) Buildings- collapse/fire disasters /natural disasters.

You are a person who is full of ambitions and creativity. You are very concerned about changes in the issues around you. You are also a very temperamental person.

Lovelife:=You are very easily attracted to the opposite sex which means that u can't possibly be a gay if u are a guy and that u can't possibly be a lesbian if u are a gal....... cos u just can't possibly resist the opposite among the opposite sex!!!!!> > > You can easily attract the opposite sex....(CONGRATS!!!).= You are a great lover. Sometimes you'll just wonder why so many people like to chat with you. You are juz the flamboyant-type of person!

So people.....Which category are u in?...

Friday, September 03, 2004



Had very high fever since last Saturday, but now I'm ok.. Took 1 week to recover from a fever, oh my god.. I didn't come to school on Monday and missed the class photo taking and Science Exam...

I took the Science CA on Tuesday, which is the next day... I was so blur, with my burning fever and all that I didn't know how i could pass.. I got 16.. over 30.. Just a mark over the passing mark.. Wow.. Miracle.. But it's soo low.. Oh well.. Fever sucks..

Anyway, on that same day, we had TEACHERS' DAY celebrations. Had a concert.. It was ok lah.. I juust LOVE the couuncillors' dance!!! IT'S SOO COOL!!