Friday, July 30, 2004

SwImMiNg lEsSoN

Haha yay! Finally I can swim! A different instructor teach us as our other instructor did not come.
This new instrtuctor was real damn good. Unlike the other instructor!!!!!!!!!

After the lesson, we went to Burger King to eat. We passed by McDonald as we saw Ritz and gang again.. Every week they go there sia. Not sick of the food izzit???

When we went to the interchange after eating, they were STILL eating! My friends were like, oh my god, they are so slow!

Hmm... Lets see if they still go to McDonalds next week!

Thursday, July 29, 2004

aFtEr SkOoL

  When the bell rang, the Science rep announced that we have to hand in the poster project. My group have not done it yet!! Shocked

Then we went to the bookshop, wondering whether to but A3 paper size or vengard sheet. Little Danial was also there.. So funny sia the bookshop uuncle and Dan!!!!!! I cannot stop laughing.. If you wanna know what happened ask Dan or Suryana.. Heehee

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

mY fElLoW ChOiR mAteS

Me and my friendz at the buffet.

ChAnGiNg PlAcEs


The first thing today in the morning when we get to class is our form teacher changed our places.
She also changed my place.. SHIT LAH!!
The first front row, RIGHT INFRONT OF THE TEACHER'S DESK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can't I be, like,  in the SECOND ROW or something?!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????


My friends said when the teacher told me to change my place my face was like unhappy...  Perplexed 


I sat out during PE today. The discipline master told me to help him stand in the corner of the field to see that the people running for the 2.4 KM run did not cheat. When everyone finished the run, he called me back.

The he asked me "I asked you a question ah. Are you a boy or a girl?"
I was so taken aback.
"Huh?" This was what I said.

He said again, "Are you a boy or a girl? Answer truthfully".

Then I replied, "Girl".

Then he said, "OK, now for the 1 million dollar question. Answer truthfully. Does Zhan Shuo always use bad words?"

I was like, ummm.... What the heck??

I replied, "Sometimes".

Gerald not really happy, he told me to say yes...  lol!Indifference 

Then he asked the five 1E2 girls, Vionna, Pearlyn, Li Hui, Daphne, and Grace, who were running previously. They were resting outside the field.  The discipline master told them to come in.

Then he started of with questions like, "Are you a boy or a girl?", "Is your hair black or white?" and "Is your name Vionna?" 

Then he said, "Now, for the grand question. Does Zhan Shuo always use bad words in class?"
Then they said "Yes"

Me and Justin kept laughing, it was so funny!!

And the discipline master called Zhan Shuo "ZHANG" Shuo!! HAHAHAHA

Sunday, July 25, 2004


  Went to Orchard todae to shop.  I bought a black B.U.M sling bag.. A bit plain.. But nice too.. 

And a blue tee with a glittery word 'LOVE" on it..

Very satisfied with those two things.. Teethy

Saturday, July 24, 2004


OoOoohhh... Fun.. Got "buffet" for the Sec 4 step-down..

New Warming Up Exercise Song
Sound Check
Warm it up[x3]

Then also got Knees and Shoulders, SO LAME!


Friday, July 23, 2004

FiRsT sWiMmInG lEsSoN

Had my first swimming lesson today... Quite ok.. Dunno how to float.. Founnd someone else who had the 1st lesson.. But she can swim.. Aiyah.. Lucky I'm not the only one who cannot float... I have excuse: My first lesson.. Hehe..


Ok la.. Maths quite easy... Geo more challenging...

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

UnLuCkY fRiEnD

My friend, Dianaz, was angry, fed up, and frustrated because her group members are hopless. This morning she looked like she want to cry.

'Hippo' printed the wrong slides, and ZS did not print out the itenarary. Lucky she have Jodie, as she is okay.. Although you must state specifically what she is supposed to do or she won't understand.

Poor Diana..


Nothing much happened.. Ca's coming..
Tomorrow is MAths and Geog CA.. Dunno anything about the chapters thatwill be tested.. will fail for sure... Sighz..

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

HoMe EcOn

Did Swill Roll for Home Econ today. I got 60 plus for practical, and the written paper I got 22 out of 50.
For the practical, we got 1 mark lost just because of a tiny any on the table. Jeez..

Wednesday, July 07, 2004



Today is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funnyy!!!!

Today at recess time, me and my friends were walking towards the bookshop, after drinking water, as usual. Then as the recess bell rang, and we went up the staircase to our classrooms. From what I saw, Iqa and Diana were challenging who reach the classrooms first. Half way, she tripped and fell! The was she fell was so hilarious! Me and Iqa was laughing like mad! Even as I'm blogging this now, I am laughing as I remembered the incident!

Tuesday, July 06, 2004



We have out new refridgerator! It's so big!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, it's great to have a fridge again!

Monday, July 05, 2004

YoUtH dAe

Went to Tampines Mall and Century Square just now to see the refrigerators. My mum decided to order a 2-door fridge.
Then me and my sis decided to go and watch a movie while my mum goes off for work. Then me and my sis could not decide whether to watch Shrek 2 or Around the World in 80 Days. In the end we decided to watch Shrek 2.

The Puss in Boots is soo cute!! Gingy the Gingerbreadman also! The Donkey's infant also!!

After the movie we went to buy Chocolate Sundae at Mc Donalds. Saw Glady and Jun En there.

Also saw Nabilah (Primary 5) and her friends, Nurasyikin from my primary school today.

FrIdgE fRiDgE fRidGe!

Went to Mustafa Centre this morning to see the refrigerators.. Lucky not crowded!! If not ar.. whoah I faint ready!

My friend went this afternoon... She say smelly.. HAHAHAHA

Saturday, July 03, 2004

SYF Opening Ceremony

We assembled at the old foyer at 1.45 pm as expected. We were in the bus around 2.05pm and reached the stadium around 3.30pm. 1E2 was the 1st class to reach the stadium as we left first. The rest reached half an hour later. I saw my former primary school there, and a few of my friends from my primary school there. At around 4 o’clock, the show started.

First, songs were played. The Pasirians were really having fun. At first, we were the only school to stand up, wave our hands, do the "Pasir Ris Wave", et cetera, before some other schools copied us and did the same things. After that, there was marching, followed by more songs, then the shootings. Then 6 aeroplanes flew in the sky, followed by a helicopter. The helicopter dropped people from the Red Lions who were parachuting. We all looked into the blue sky, awed.

Then came the most interesting event. The school bands were up next. Deyi Secondary went first. They formed a cute bell, a leaf, and a cute elephant. Their drum major is quite good, and did not drop the baton once. The Deyi's band major won the best drum major of the year. Next it was Ping Yi and Springfield Secondary, combined. Even though they were combined, they were still a small group, and as a result, they could not do much, except for forming an X, square, diamond, line, cross, et cetera. The only formation they did was to form the words "SYF 04". When the TKSS band went up next, they received a lot of cheers, not only from their own school. The formed complicated formations like a wild cat leaping up, shark, house, and a bird. Next, it was Bowen Secondary. Their music by drums was nice and rhythmic.

It finished around 7pm. We went into the bus around 7.45pm. In the bus, we were very hyper. We sang some lame songs. Then we all wave to other students in other buses, and the other student also waved back at us. Then, in a crazy mood, all of us waved to everyone!! Literally speaking!! No harm in being friendly right! But then, when me and Diana were waving to no one in particular, I realised that there was 2 Bangladesh men looking at us! I immediately told Diana we we both stopped waving. As I talked to Mardiana, I watched the Bangladesh men in the corner of my eye. I saw one of them wiping his cheek with his hands, and as the bus drove off, he craned his neck just to look at the bus driving off. PRASAAN!!!!!! But overall, it was HILARIous!

We reached school at about 8 plus, and we were dispersed from school. I can tell everyone had a great time. I certainly have a fun time!!!!!!!

Friday, July 02, 2004


Let see... This afternoon for mother toungue we the 1E2 were late.. We went to the Maths IT room for mother toungue, to find that no one is there.. We waited and waited.. Then we went up and down searching for our fellow classmates. We wasted 15 minutes. Fauziana and me peeked in the Maths IT room to find that there was no onoe and no sound. Then in the end Aloha boy decided to see who's inside and he open the door wide.. And they were all inside!!! We were like idiots wondering here and there!!!

Then I went to the intechange with my friends. As we passed this shop that sells CDs, there was a television at the entrance of the shop, and guess what show they were showing??? Lord of The Ring, The Return of the King!! It was the last part and we watched for a while.. Free show.. Hehehe..

Thursday, July 01, 2004

FreEzEr PrObLeMz

GuEsS wHaT??

This morning, my mum found our the our fridge is not working.. What luck!

The worst thing is, we have to throw away a big tub of ice cream, as well as 10 red beans ice-cream..

Oh sighz... No freezer, no ice...