Tuesday, June 29, 2004


How to make a Norhazwani

1 part intelligence

1 part ambition

1 part energy
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of sadness

Saturday, June 26, 2004

FraNcE LoSt????

Oh my god, I can't believe France lost in the Euro 2004!!

HAhahahaha poor F4 fans who went to the airport last night!!! They didn't get a chance to meet them after all!!! Those F4s are such sneaks!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004


YIKES!!! 5 more daez to the reopening of school!!! And I haven't finish my homework yet!! I think I'm going to finish my History homework, the book reviews, and the newspaper article reflections by today..

Sunday, June 20, 2004

ArE yOu CoOl oR sQUaRe

Am I cool or uncool? [CLICK]
You are Super-Cool!
Woah! Step back - the future's so bright for you it's blinding me! You are the coolest of the cool. Everyone looks up to you as the benchmark for being coooool. The fonze was your grandfather. Any cooler and you'd freeze! WOO it's chilly in here.
Cool quizzes at Go-Quiz.com


1.wuts the name of your school?
Pasir Ris Sec Sch

2.wut do u think of your school?
ok lar

3.wut class are u in?

4.wut are the facilities in your school?

5.wut sports are there in your school?
got quite a few lar..

6.how many teachers?
How i noe....

7.how many students?
how i know

8.gouverment,private or international school?

9.is your school big or small?
i suppose big..

10.wuts the colour of your school uniform?
green.. i hate the shade of green.. =X

11.wut do you think of the school food?
can lar.. sell nothing much

13.which sports is the most popular in you
dunno... netball i guess

14.any foreign students in your school?

15.is it a good school or a bad school?
in the middle


:: Do you cry often:
- not really

:: Do you often cry in front of people or alone:
- aLoNe..

:: Have your friends ever seen you cry:
- yUp..

:: Have you cried today:
- nOpE..

:: Do you usually cry for a long time:
- nO..

:: Do you get really red when you cry:
- a bit.. But not that red..

:: Have you ever cried because you were happy:
- nope!

:: Have you ever been someone's "crying
- yEp..

:: Have you ever hugged someone because they
were crying:
- NoPe..

:: Have you ever had a shoulder to cry on:
- yea

:: Have you been hugged when you cried:
- umm... Don't think so..

:: Do you cry during movies:
- sometimes..

:: Do you cry while reading books:
- sometimes..

:: Does music make you cry:
- not really.. Unless it reminds me of something sad..

:: Have you ever been called a cry baby:
- nO..

:: Have you ever tried to stop yourself from
- yUp..

:: Have you ever cried in front of a teacher:
- yea.. Last year.. heex

:: Does this survey make you want to cry?:
- nO..Of course not!

:: Have you ever cried over a guy/girl:
- haha nope

:: Do you cry when you are physically hurt:
- dunno.. i think got before

:: Do you cry when you are scared:
- nOpE..

:: Do you cry when you are mad:
- yea!! Or rather frustrated..

:: Do you cry over bad grades?:
- nah..

:: Have you ever cried over spilled milk:
- dunno

:: Can you make yourself cry:
- yea.. sumtimes..

:: When was the last time you cried:
- dunno.. Don't remember.. Yesterday?? hahax

:: Have you ever cried because you were sad for
someone else:
- dunno.. Can't remember

:: Do you have a favorite crying quote:
- nope..

:: Have you ever cried for anyone who wouldn't
cry for you:
- nOpE

:: Do you ever cry on anniversaries of things?:
- nope

:: Do you cry over someone you love becoz they
have a gf/bf?
- no lar

::When was the last time u felt love and u cried?
- never

::Who is the person you always cry for?
- read the previous ques..

:: Will you cry because this survey is over:
- nOpE.. Dumb question...

ThE RiNg

Watched the English version of The Ring yesterday.. The girl is very scary but the show itself is crappy.. I think the Japenese one was better.. Oh well..

Thursday, June 17, 2004

FrEnZ ViSiTiNg Me

Today my frenz, Diana and Yana, went over to my house to do homework. Diana went out of her house at 11 and I waited 45 minutes for her! I actually panicked!! I thought she had lost her way or something... In the end she arrived at 12 noon, 1 hour later!!! She told me she lost her way, she dropped a few stops behind... Cuz she thought it was Eunos, and that she missed my stop.. So she went overhead bridge to take the bus going in the other direction. When she was walking to the bus stop, she realized she was going deeper into Eunos.. So she turned back and walked back to where she had alighted before..

Then Yana went out about 12.20... She came later as she want more time to sleep.. Haha.. Anyway, me and Diana are supposed to meet her at the bus stop. So, at 12.50, we went out of the house.. After I locked the door, we turned around and guess who we saw. You guessed it! It was Yana.. She came searching for the block herself. Lucky for her Ubi is a small estate.. For a second, I thought she was some relative visiting, as she wore 'tudung' or watever you call it in English.. You know, what the muslim women wear.. And she wore this long.. umm... shirt..? and really looked like some mak cik.. hehehe.. Yana, no offence..
But to tell you the truth, she look much sweeter in the tudung than when she didn't wear it..

They left at 3.. So early..

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

PrOjEcT TiMe

At Gladys house now.. Suppose to do project.. Her house very big... Had fun with her MSN. She kacau a few people thru her MSN.. Hahax..

I met JX and Dan at the MRT Station.. I followed them to Glady house. JX and Dan thought the gate was locked so we stood outside the gate and waited for Glady to come down.. The gate keeper, or whatever he's called, keep asking us questions or whatever.. Then Glady came down and Dan told the guard that she's our friend or something like that.. Then the guard told us to come in but made no move to unlocked the gate. So Dan said "No card.. We have no card" The guard just stared at us.. Dan gave the gate a push, and it swung open.. The gate wasn't locked after all!! And we stood outside like idiots!! I kept laughing non-stop!!

Sunday, June 13, 2004

DoGs, dOgs, anD MoRe DogS!

This morning after a class, my father fetched me home. Then, at the lift of my house, there stood an intimidating LARGE black dog.. It was the size of a big golden retriever. Even though I am not scared of dogs, I have to admit that I was a little anxious of the dog.. I stood right in front of an open lift and I'm a bit worried that it will go in the lift..!! But on the bright side, the dog looked real friendly.. Not those ferocious dogs that growled and snarl at any one who come near them.. My sis will surely freak out and faint if she saw the dog! Too bad she wasn't with me!!!

Then in the afternoon, went to Simei East Point Shopping Centre... Bought a Father's day present.. Didn't buy anything for myself.. And my sis met her secondary school friend in a shop.. Her friend is working there... If only my sis also find a job to support the family..

Then we went to the Pet Safari.. Saw lots of cute and beautiful dog.. Saw a small puppy in the cage-thingy.. Thought it was a kitten at first.. My sister was so scared of all the dogs til I need to DRAG her along.. My mum and sister can't stand the smelly smell, but strangely, I didn't smell anything! And I didn't have a blocked nose or anything!

Thursday, June 10, 2004


I made this blinkie in boredom....

HaRrY PoTtEr wAlLpAPeR

Did another 2 wallpapers about Harry...

Not that nice.. I still prefre the 1st one I made about Ron and Hermione..

Wanna see the wallpaper?

Click Here and Here

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

WoUlD YoU RaThEr....

Would You Rather________
(MUST choose 1!!)

Be constantly depressed OR constantly afraid?
> Constantly afraid I guess..

Show up noticeably drunk on a national TV show OR roaring drunk at your child's college graduation?
> Uhh... I guess drunk on national TV..?

Always have to write with your nondominant hand OR always have to write with your eyes closed?
> Write with nondominant hand

Be trapped in jail with a guard who hates you OR with a cell mate who hates you?
> Trapped in jail with a guard who hates me

Have regular encounters with aliens and not have any proof OR have your best friend be invisible?
> Have my best friend be invisible

Always spit when you talk OR always be spit on when spoken to?
> Spit when I talk

Spend a week at school in your underwear OR attend two classes completely nude?

Always show up 20 minutes late for everything OR always show up 90 mintues early for everything?
> A|Show up 90 mintues early for everything

Eat one small hotel bar of soap OR six sticks of butter?
> Uhh..

Bang your funny bone five times in a row until it's not funny anymore OR listen to somebody scrape nails down a chalkboard for 20 mintues?
> Huh..? I guess... listen to somebody scrape nails down a chalkboard..

Eat your entire diet cold OR eat your entire diet overcooked?
> Cold..

Work for your sibling OR your best friend?
> Hmm... Depends.. But I guess sibling..

Have to learn sword swallowing OR fire eating?
> Sword swallowing..

Have your spouse be disappointed in you OR have your child be disappointed in you?
> Ummm... Neither..?

Always almost have to sneeze OR hit your funny bone every 15 minutes?
> What funny bone?

Live in a world without grass OR roads?
> Umm... Without road..

Super glue your eyes shut OR super glue them open?
> Open

Be perceived as intelligent OR street smart?
> uhhh.. huh?

Age from only the neck up OR age from only the neck down?
> Neck up

Have no short-term memory OR no long-term memory?
> huh?

Never look healthy OR never feel healthy?
> look

Have a see-through nose OR entirely white eyeballs?
> See-through nose

Not eat for three days OR not sleep for three days
> Sleep

Have to put to sleep five puppies you just got OR a dog you've had for a year?
> NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marry a whiner OR marry a bully?
> What kind of bully?

Be very clumsy OR very forgetful?
> Forgetful

Experience the Titanic OR the Hindenburg?
> Hindenburg? Huh?

Live to be 100 years old OR start life over from birth and live to be only 60 years old, knowing what you know now?
> Start over from birth

1 yEaR OlDeR

I'm 1 year older todae!!! So....... Happy Birthday to me!!

Being a year older still feels the same.. Duh, I always state the obvios..

Today is also Diana's bdae.. She's in Indonesia now.. But that doesn't matter.. Happy Birthday to her too!!

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

CuTe LiTtLe KiTtEN

OHMGOD OHMYGOD OHMYGOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, I better stop babbling... Let me tell you about my day........

Today, when I was walking past some shops, my friend noticed a kitten in this shop.. Naturally, being an animal luver, I wanted to see it.. I was very... Dunno how to say, when I saw the kitten.. It was such a cute black kitten with white paws!!! The shop owner saw us and said, "Ah, girl! girl! You like the cat right? Ah, help me bring out can anot? I got sweets for you.. Thank you thank you!!"
she was so desperate to get the kitten out.. I think she was scared of the kitten!!!
So anyway, I tried holding the kitten. The woman kept telling me to take it by the neck(as if I don't know!). I finally caught the kitten by its neck and body and put it outside the shop but the woman insisted that it was brought further away from the shop(sheesh). When I put the kitten down, it crawled back into the shop again. So I had to lift it up again and bring it MORE further away from the shop. When I put it down, the kitten chased after one of my frens! Then she ran like mad!! HAHAHAHA!! In the end, it hid behind one of the suitcases in a shop. THE KITTEN WAS SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!

My first time carrying a kitten/cat!!!!!
So far, I've carried a cat, hamster, and rabbit...

ARGHH!!!!!!!!!! I FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES(with my camera phone) OF THE CUTE KITTEN!!!!!!!!!!!! SHOOT!!!

Monday, June 07, 2004

RoN aNd HeRmIoNe wAlLpApEr

Hehe.. I meddled with Photoshop and I did a Ron and Hermione wallpaper.. My first wallpaper ever... It's not that good of course, since it's my first ever wallpaper made by me!!

Click here for the wallpaper...

Sunday, June 06, 2004

SiNgApOrE iDoL

OH. MY. GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw my primary school friend yesterday in the news about Singapore Idol.. She sang 'My Heart Will Go On' in the news.. My best friend told me that although she's under age, she could enter because she have this singing or dancing company or watever that sponsor, so she was allowed to enter..
My sis grumbled that it is not fair, bla bla bla.. but I agree with her.. Oh well.. It's not that I want to enter anyway, so it's not a problem to me..

Saturday, June 05, 2004


Haiz!! I am SOOOOOOOOOO bored!!! I have no mood to do my homework!! I hate school holidays!! Lucky 8 June I'm going back to school.. I dunno why.. but I love going back to school when it is holidays and when only certain people are going back to school...

I am sooooooooooo damned bored!! Sighz...

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

HaRrY PotTeR AnD ThE PrIsOnEr Of AzKaBan

POA is sooooooooooooo damn bloody nice!!! Juz came back from the show! I want to watch it AGAIN and AGAIN!!

Ron is very funny, and Harry's acting is muuch much much better than the first two movies! But Lupin and Trelawny didn't look like what I expected though.. O well..

The Dementors are real scary!! The way the cloak flaps around, and the way they just fly in the air!! I'm sure I'll faint if I encounter one in real life!

I juz LOVE the show!!!!!!!!!!!