Thursday, January 19, 2006

iN SchooL

Right now I'm in my school computer lab, searching for some stuff for our Malay projec. My teacher is just 3 computers down on my right. Lollers. But I did found a lot of pictures, and found some audios as well.

I was sleepy the whole day. Even now. My eyes are hot and tired. I sooo want to go back home and sleep.

On the way to the computer lab, me and Mardiana passed by Gerald's Chinese class. Waved at him but he purposely looked in the other direction. lol idiot.

I'm so damn bored. OMG OMG OMG. On Saturday Mardi and Fana coming to my house to do project in the morning. But I'm going to popular first to buy some files and Challenger for thumbdrive.

Oh the bell just rang, it's Physic lesson now. See ya!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Well, since school stepped in I had lesser time to blog. Since I'm always doing my homework before using the computer.

So today we started with PE. Our first PE lesson. Mr Ow was funny; I couldn't expect less from him. He told us his sad stories; the reasons why he was so particular about health. So the girls and guys had to run 10 rounds. I was surprised I could run, with the broken nail and all. But it's healing, it wasn't as gross as the first and 2nd day when it's all raw flesh.

Second period was chemistry. BORING. Then it was RECESS! But I changed in the toilet then went to classroom to put down some of my books. When I stepped in the classroom, I saw Xiu Qi changing. @#$%^&* !! Can see his unnderwear, same colour he wore to the camp LOL.

Then it was POA! It was fun as usual, but the lesson was very confusing. Now, Fana, who hated the teacher, likes her a lot. lol. After that it was Social Studies. Syed told me Mr Chew complained to Mr Ng that our class fouund his lesson very boring. ....... Dotz... Isn't that the truth?

Then it was History. Our first History lesson. We combined with some of the 3e3. At first Gerald join our class then that the other teacher was such a flirt, she wanted to take 4 more 3e3 guys with her. Gerald was chosen. =.= I-DI-OT.

Our teacher was boring. Syed was on the verge of sleeping. (Not surprising) Then she asked us to fill up some surveys. There was this question, "How do you study for Histroy exams" or something like that. Syed wrote: "Not applicable" lmao.

Anyway, then we went home, did my Chem notebook and Maths homework, and packed my back, and slept, and here I am typing this.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Sec 3 AdventuRe CamP

wooT! I'm back! I've been away to a Sec 3 Adventure Camp, for 3 days and 2 nights.

Day 1

We went to school as usual. But I wanted to take a taxi, so me and my mum waited for one. We waited and waited and waited, but all the taxis are taken. What the hell. In the end we waited for a bus. It was 7.10 by then, and luckily I didn't have to wait long for the bus. So I was nearly late.

So we had our usual morning assembly, after which we went up to the hall for a talk conducted by Adam Khoo himself. He's a funny man. As in hilarious funny, not weird funny. And sometimes when he talks, he will purposely change his voice. When he do that he really looks like Jim Carrey. Those stupid actions and voices Jim makes. Then after his talk, our teachers talked about school rules and all that. When they talked about not tucking in clothes, that sucker Xiu Qi, who was sitting beside me, kept tsk tsk tsking at me. I got so irritated that I pulled out his tshirt and said loudy, "You didn't tuck in your shirt!" He then kept swearing and cursing me.

"CHEE BYE LA YOU! *middle finger* "

So anyway, the whole talking thing lasted for 2 and a half hours, and we left for the campsite at around 10.30.

In the bus, 2 coaches, Kenneth Chua and Daniel Chua (same ancestors but not brothers) were also there. We were separated into 2 groups, Group 7 and Group 8. Me and Farhanah was in Group 7, and Danial was in Group 8. Group 7 had all the fun people, like Robert, Vincent, and Royston. That Xiu Qi was also in Group 7. ShiT!

Then we checked in, bla bla bla, then we were divided in to several groups, for our bunk. Me, Farhanah and Suryana were in bunk 2. After that we were to do a banner and a cheer for our group. So we girls did the banner and the guys did the cheer. Our group name is 7 Even. Because we do things evenly, fair and square.

Then we had our lunch at about 1.30. Guess what we had to do? We had to tie our hands together with the 2 people sitting beside us. And GUESS who I had to tie my right hand to? XIU QI! What. The. HELL? !@#$%^&*!! In the end he untied the string. Then at one point of time, his knocked his food, and the whole box overturned on his lap. Jokes. He was very angry and spent the lunch time cleaning up.

After lunch, we did high element games. Me and Chloe did the high rope. We were to walk on a thin piece of rope and had to depend on each other to balance. We didn't go far, and when I fell, my leg got caught in one of the lines. OMGWTFBBQ quite pain. I fell with all my body weight then my leg just had to get caught with that stupid thin piece of line.

After that we played those kind of obstacle games. It was fun, with the teamwork and all. Then it was raining, then I can't remember what we did. It was dinner next, then a talk about Power of State, then night activity, then supper, shower, then lights out!

Day 2

Day 2 was boring. Rain rain rain. We had our morning exercise, which was jumping jacks. Then we had to massage the shoulder's of the person in front of us. Guess who was in front me? XIU QI! So I didn't massage him. Lollers. After breakfast, us Student Leaders took over. We went really wild! It was so fun! We danced with the music and all. We really let loose! After the breakfast, us Student Leaders gathered to do the cheers and discussed about the campfire. We really had a lot of fun.

Then we joined our own class for the campfire. Our class decided to dance the friendship dance and don't know what shit. Then we did rock climbing, I didn't managed to cuz of time constraint. Then we had a talk about Power of Belief. They did this experiment on indugtion. Sofy volunteered to do it. The coach kept saying in a monotone voice, "You are a steel rod" bla bla bla. So Sofy imagined he was a steel rod and he really became one. Mentally, not physically of course. Then one heavy coach sat one him, another stood on him, bla bla bla and he didn't notice, only sub-consciously. Indugtion was only the level 1 of hynotism. Hypnotism is level 6. Wow.

After that Student Leaders from group 1-8 had to gather. We had work to do for the campfire. We had to sweep the water away from the campfire area. And trust me, it was really flooded. Took us a few hours to finish I think. I was pleased with the outcome. We talk about the campfire. Chuan Ley taught us about the fire, then bla bla bla. Then we went to the canteen to have our dinner. Me and Fana didn't get our camp tee. Stupid. So we went up to change to our student leader tee and asked around about the camp tee. Someone said there was a box of it behind the canteen. So after changing, we went down. I found the box and took the tee, XS size. Then this coach, Jeslyn, who was one of the participants of Villa Wellness, came us and scolded us. I had to put back my tee. Damn, that was so close. Then they said we had to bring down our chopsticks which were required to bring. When we went down again, Royston rushed up to us and handed us this two camp tee with the correct sizes. So nice of him. We were so impressed. So gentleman. And there was this time during lunch this guy handed out the drinks, and he said, "Let the girls take first la." Wow. Impressive. He is, one in a thousand people, a lady's man. Anyway, so we went up again to wear our camp tee over our Student Leader tee.

Anyway, soon it was time for the campfire. It was soo fun! We really let loose, dance here and there! We really went wild! I was so so so hyper! And every now and then, the student leaders had to come out to lead with the cheers and stuff. I kept persuading the teachers to join us, and Mr Desmond Ng let loose also! WooT! The last item was by the Student Leaders and we managed to get everyone involved. We also stripped to our Student Leader tee. WooH!

After the fun, my stupid sandal broke and my left foot slipped forward and I broke my toe nail. @#$!^&*( !!

Day 3

So fast forward, and the camp, sadly, ended. Even though I did not manage to do all of the activites, I had a lot of fun with all my friends and coaches.

Monday, January 09, 2006


Yea! Today is such a fun day! We had lesson only til 11.40, then we went to the hall for briefing for the Sec 3 camp. We are supposed to bring CHOPSTICKS! YEA! I LOVE CHOPSTICKS!

*Fast Forward*

We had CCA Day today, where people from the different clubs persuade the Sec Ones to join. We went up on stage and sang, quite horribly, then Syltra, Farhanah, Aisyah, Suryana and Khaalisah sang. After that, we were to do our duty, which is to say, persuading Sec Ones to join. Me, Fana and Yana were to be stationed at Block B, but it was so boring. I even ate and drank there. In the end we decided to patrol around the school.

At the same time, we looked at the different exhibition the different CCA's put up. Level 2 was fun cuz there were lots of CCAs there! When we stopped by the CAC Club (formerly known as CCC), we saw this box full of pretty mechanical pencil with bells. Then this guy let us take! I took 2, Fana took 4! Whoah so nice, cuz we were supposed to register in order to get it!

Then we went somewhere again, but then me and Fana wanted to go to the second floor again, so we did. The kept shouting JOIN CHOIR JOIN CHOIR and I'm suprised I still have voice by the end of the day. We were stationed outside CAC classroom all the while. Three of us cheered for NCC and CAC. See we so nice. Then that stupid Vincent walked past us and purposely shout out CHOIR SUCKS! What the stupid moron hell? We cheered for his CCA also not grateful. In the end we kept shouting NCC SUCKS when he walk past us.

Then I kept asking this nice big sister to give me more pencil. In the end I got 4! Yea! All different colour! Then I kept ringing the bells. Then we kept teasing with the older guys from the CAC. They were talking to us inside the classroom through the window, then me and Fana kept shutting the window in the faces. Haha. Serve them right for being irritating.

Wah the people all so rough!! Pull here pull there! I pity the Sec Ones! Then me and Yana kept shouting at them (whenever we see them use force on the Sec Ones) CHILD ABUSE! CHILD ABUSE!

Then we had a little chat with Miss Tay. I told her I got the bursery thingy and I thanked her for filling in the form for me. Then she said when Mdm Zulaiha come back, tell her also. Then suddenly we talked about her.

US: When she coming back?

HER: About the 2nd half of the year.

US: We want to visit her. But we don't know her address.

HER: Ask the office for her address.

YANA: But I don't think they'll give.

ME: Yea, cuz it's private info.

HER: Oh.. Ok ok I'll help you ask then I'll give you.

US: Yay Thank you!

That's basically what happened.

Anyway, to keep a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG story short, it ended and we went home and now I'm typing this, half asleep.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Today I went to school for the Student Leader thingy. We went to MOE Adventure Camp Site. The place was so old and dirty. The water was so bloody murky and the ground was slippery with disgusting algaes. And they still have the nerve to call it the MOE Camp site when it was a great place for mosquito breeding.

Oh, and the instructors are retards. Kept trying to be funny but failed miserably.

*Fast forward*

Anyway we were supposed to do this rock climbing excersice to learn how to put on the gears and learn the proceedure, so we could help others in the Sec 3 camp next week. Climbers was supposed to climb til the red line and fall. The belayer is the most important person. If the climber fall and die, it's all the belayer's fault. There's also the anchor and the ropeman.

Our side of the wall has so many missing pieces, it was hard to climb. I didn't manage to reach the red line. I was holding on to some pieces, looking at which one to step on. It was impossible, I was bloody stuck. Suddenly, I lost my support and fell. My belayer, Suryana, wasn't prepared and she was jerked to her feet. LOL. Almost everyone got stuck, and those who didn't fell lower. Only Peifen managed to climb highest for that part. Of all the girls, of course.

*Fast forward*

We went back to school and the three of us, that is to say, me, Yana and Fana, went to eat at KFC in Tampines. Then we went to Popular to buy some stuff for school. I also had to buy notebook for Mardiana. Then there was this section, merchandise for The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. There was this damn bloody nice tee for 18 bucks! I WANTED TO BUY!!! But I had no money! *curses* I rarely find something that I DEFINITELY want it, 100%, but when I find something I want, I had no money. Wtf?

Anyway, then we headed back home and I slept.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Nothing much happened today. Physics is confusing. About what Prefixes and Standard Form. I'm always weak in maths anyway, and there are quite a few calculations needed in Physics. Chemistry was okay, but the teacher was scary. But me and Farhanah still wanted to sit at the front so we could pay attention.

At first, after we were assigned seats, she told us to sit RIGHT at the back, diagonally across. And who should be sitting at the same bench but Vincent =.= He was mouthing, "Fuck FucK FUCK". I don't know if he had problems with me, or Farhanah, but probably both LOL. But Farhanah told the teacher we want to sit at the front so she let us. =D

Malay class... We (that is to say, the Sec 3 Express Malay students) were divided into 3 classes. Band 1(higher mother tongue students), Band 2(A's students) and Band 3(B and below). At first, my classmates were Aminah, Rohana, Shazlin, Sofy, Farhanah, and I'm not sure who else. But there were too few people in the class so some people from the Band 2 Class got transferred. So in came Mardiana, Atikah, Fauziana, and cute Firraihan. There were others of course, but dunno who.

I can't remember anything else that happened. So I'm going to end here. Nite..

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

2nd day of schooL, 1st day of LessonS

So today we had our lessons. First two periods were Physics. Our teacher is Ms Chia. We were all allowed to choose our own partners. Farhanah asked to sit with me, and I okay-ed. However, she chose our seats, and Farhanah and I wanted to sit at the front so we could pay attention. So we asked her if we can sit at the front. She gave us the next available seats, which was row 2, aisle seats. LOL I made it sound like a cinema. Now, if only that was true.

Basically she just told us her expectations and such. And we're allowed to eat sweets in her class, if that prevents us from sleeping. Of course, the normal rule still apply; no sweet wrappers around. No excercise books necessary, but we were required a file. It doesn't matter what file, as long as it's a file. She also gave us a choice if we want a short break in the middle of the lesson or we want her to end earlier. Majority of the class wanted for her to end the lesson early, so there you go.

The next period is Maths. Shitty poo! But it turned out okay, and Mr Ng is a very good teacher. Interesting too. We had homework for Maths, but I've done it already ^^v. See I haven't break my resolution yet.

My new year's resolution is to use the computer only after finishing my school work. (No harm in trying)

Yea, so anyway, after that is recess, and we managed to find a place to eat. Oh and also to sit every morning. It's like our silent rule not to hang out in the canteen. After recess was 3 periods of English. Our teacher is Mrs Tan. She looks fierce, but she speaks so soft. Not gentle kind of soft. Just normal soft.

Anyway, each of us were to talk one card each. On each card was a different question. I was lucky I got a.. decent question.. I got "How did your mother play a role in your growing-up life?" or something like that. I bullshitted and kept repeating what I said. But it was okay. Quite a lot got questions about love and crushes. Vincent got one of them, and he changed cards LOL. Chloe said Vincent look like Malay. Lol jokes. And she thought I was a Chinese. More jokes. I'm already so tan and dark, she still think I'm a Chinese.

So then it was 2 free periods as Mr Ng, who was supposed to take charge of ACE lesson, was one of the teachers in charge of the Sec 1 Orientation. So the class discussed about stupid things like class rules and punishment. As if anyone give a crap. And it it was mostly 2e5 who talked.

Then we discussed about the class t-shirt. We couldn't agree on anything. -.- Lame asses. So in the end they decided to let us design and they choose the nicest one. I feel like submitting one. Yawns. Well, jaa na!