Thursday, January 05, 2006


Nothing much happened today. Physics is confusing. About what Prefixes and Standard Form. I'm always weak in maths anyway, and there are quite a few calculations needed in Physics. Chemistry was okay, but the teacher was scary. But me and Farhanah still wanted to sit at the front so we could pay attention.

At first, after we were assigned seats, she told us to sit RIGHT at the back, diagonally across. And who should be sitting at the same bench but Vincent =.= He was mouthing, "Fuck FucK FUCK". I don't know if he had problems with me, or Farhanah, but probably both LOL. But Farhanah told the teacher we want to sit at the front so she let us. =D

Malay class... We (that is to say, the Sec 3 Express Malay students) were divided into 3 classes. Band 1(higher mother tongue students), Band 2(A's students) and Band 3(B and below). At first, my classmates were Aminah, Rohana, Shazlin, Sofy, Farhanah, and I'm not sure who else. But there were too few people in the class so some people from the Band 2 Class got transferred. So in came Mardiana, Atikah, Fauziana, and cute Firraihan. There were others of course, but dunno who.

I can't remember anything else that happened. So I'm going to end here. Nite..

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