Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Well, since school stepped in I had lesser time to blog. Since I'm always doing my homework before using the computer.

So today we started with PE. Our first PE lesson. Mr Ow was funny; I couldn't expect less from him. He told us his sad stories; the reasons why he was so particular about health. So the girls and guys had to run 10 rounds. I was surprised I could run, with the broken nail and all. But it's healing, it wasn't as gross as the first and 2nd day when it's all raw flesh.

Second period was chemistry. BORING. Then it was RECESS! But I changed in the toilet then went to classroom to put down some of my books. When I stepped in the classroom, I saw Xiu Qi changing. @#$%^&* !! Can see his unnderwear, same colour he wore to the camp LOL.

Then it was POA! It was fun as usual, but the lesson was very confusing. Now, Fana, who hated the teacher, likes her a lot. lol. After that it was Social Studies. Syed told me Mr Chew complained to Mr Ng that our class fouund his lesson very boring. ....... Dotz... Isn't that the truth?

Then it was History. Our first History lesson. We combined with some of the 3e3. At first Gerald join our class then that the other teacher was such a flirt, she wanted to take 4 more 3e3 guys with her. Gerald was chosen. =.= I-DI-OT.

Our teacher was boring. Syed was on the verge of sleeping. (Not surprising) Then she asked us to fill up some surveys. There was this question, "How do you study for Histroy exams" or something like that. Syed wrote: "Not applicable" lmao.

Anyway, then we went home, did my Chem notebook and Maths homework, and packed my back, and slept, and here I am typing this.

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