Wednesday, January 04, 2006

2nd day of schooL, 1st day of LessonS

So today we had our lessons. First two periods were Physics. Our teacher is Ms Chia. We were all allowed to choose our own partners. Farhanah asked to sit with me, and I okay-ed. However, she chose our seats, and Farhanah and I wanted to sit at the front so we could pay attention. So we asked her if we can sit at the front. She gave us the next available seats, which was row 2, aisle seats. LOL I made it sound like a cinema. Now, if only that was true.

Basically she just told us her expectations and such. And we're allowed to eat sweets in her class, if that prevents us from sleeping. Of course, the normal rule still apply; no sweet wrappers around. No excercise books necessary, but we were required a file. It doesn't matter what file, as long as it's a file. She also gave us a choice if we want a short break in the middle of the lesson or we want her to end earlier. Majority of the class wanted for her to end the lesson early, so there you go.

The next period is Maths. Shitty poo! But it turned out okay, and Mr Ng is a very good teacher. Interesting too. We had homework for Maths, but I've done it already ^^v. See I haven't break my resolution yet.

My new year's resolution is to use the computer only after finishing my school work. (No harm in trying)

Yea, so anyway, after that is recess, and we managed to find a place to eat. Oh and also to sit every morning. It's like our silent rule not to hang out in the canteen. After recess was 3 periods of English. Our teacher is Mrs Tan. She looks fierce, but she speaks so soft. Not gentle kind of soft. Just normal soft.

Anyway, each of us were to talk one card each. On each card was a different question. I was lucky I got a.. decent question.. I got "How did your mother play a role in your growing-up life?" or something like that. I bullshitted and kept repeating what I said. But it was okay. Quite a lot got questions about love and crushes. Vincent got one of them, and he changed cards LOL. Chloe said Vincent look like Malay. Lol jokes. And she thought I was a Chinese. More jokes. I'm already so tan and dark, she still think I'm a Chinese.

So then it was 2 free periods as Mr Ng, who was supposed to take charge of ACE lesson, was one of the teachers in charge of the Sec 1 Orientation. So the class discussed about stupid things like class rules and punishment. As if anyone give a crap. And it it was mostly 2e5 who talked.

Then we discussed about the class t-shirt. We couldn't agree on anything. -.- Lame asses. So in the end they decided to let us design and they choose the nicest one. I feel like submitting one. Yawns. Well, jaa na!


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