Tuesday, January 03, 2006

1st day in SchooL

Today is the first day of school! I woke up at 6 and left the house at 6.45. Waited for the bus for so long. It came at about 6.55. Surprisingly, I saw quite a few Pasirians at the bus stop. Saw my primary school friend and neighbour too, but I didn't talk to her; I was scared it would be awkward. That's not a nice feeling you know? It's crappy. I reached school at the same time as Mardiana, Isalina and Aishah. But they still have to wait for me cuz I need to cross the road. Wahaha.

I had a good time laughing at my friends, wearing long pants. And some of them, the shirt is so big and baggy, but the pants are tight. I won't say who, but it looks funny.

My form teacher is Mr Desmond Ng. At first I was groaning away to myself because he is a very fierce and scary teacher. I know especially, cuz he is one of the teachers for the Student LEader camp. My co-home teacher is Ms Dorine Chia. She's quite nice teacher. Lucky. Haha. At least got one teacher I can approach if I have anything on.

So anyway, the decided to sit in fours. So we did some arranging and me, Farhana Rizaini, Vincent and I think Syed are left. For a moment I thought I'd be sitting with Vincecnt again!! Lucky I'm not. My group is Robert, Chloe, Wenjin and Danny. Our group's okay la, got the idiotic Robert.

We did nothing much... It was pretty boring.. But Mr Ng is quite funny so it wasn't a waste of time..

Lesson starts tomorrow. I'm having goosebumps.

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