Sunday, October 31, 2004


Yummy!! I had pizza for dinner tonight! And chicken drumlets from PizzaHut. I like the pineapple flavour, but i don't like the pineapple. Danial was so wistful when i told him i was having pizza for dinner. Hahaha!

ThiS iS fOr tHe bRaVe

Got this from a circulated email.

NOT FOR THE WEAK HEARTED. It's quite scary when you watch it alone. So for the weak hearted, DON'T WATCH IT ALONE! Dont know whether this was staged or it's an actual real life unintended recording. You figure it out. I thought it was kinda cool... =)

[ Click Here To Watch Video ]

NexT yEaR

One of my resolutions for next year, 2005 is to play less and study more.
I've been doing some thinking. I did study for my exams, yet why I got such low marks? Sure, for overall I passed them, but a boderline mark is nothing to be happy about. That means 1 thing.. I've got to try even harder next year. What I don't like is my mum accusing me of not studying when I actually did.. I mean, I don't have to study only when she's around, do I?

My other resolutions are:

:: Be more organized
:: Spend less than $2.50 per day.
:: Improve my handwriting
:: Practice swimming
:: Practice cycling
:: Practice inline-skating
:: Try not to be short-tempered
:: overcome my shyness

I'm going to start afresh next year. Hopefully It will be a good year for me.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

WhY dO pEoPLe LAbeL tHemSeLveS?

Why do people label themselves? I've been thinking about this ever since I read the article that was written by Megan at her site, Starlight.

I guess they label themselves as they are insecure about themselves and have difficulty in finding their own identity. And another reasons I guess is because they considered themselves cool if they are a part of a group or category.

If you are at loss of what I meant by label, I meant the categories like Goth, punk, prep, etc etc.

It's quite stupid really. You are not expressing yourself if you are only doing things that you are categorized in.

"Pretend for a moment that you're a "punk" or "goth" and you think you're really cool because of your label. The reason you labeled yourself is because you fit into that certain "category" right? Now how is that being original? If you dress just like all the other "punk" or "goth" people, act the same way, and listen to the same music, are you really being yourself?"
This is what Megan wrote. Think about it. She made a good point.

As you don't consider the people who are not in your category "cool", people might be hurt and angry, and there will be hatred and loathing, which, I think, is terrible.

And if you are against labeling, get this blinkie from Starlight.

InNeR rOcK cHiCk

You Are Avril Lavigne!

A bit hardcore on the outside...But sweet and sensitive on the inside."It's a damn cold nightTrying to figure out this life"

Who's Your Inner Rock Chick?

Cool.. I like Avril, she rocks!

Friday, October 29, 2004

ByE Ms YeO!!

This morning we had a mini concert to bid farewell to our principle Ms Yeo, who is going to Inova Junior College next year. The band, choir(choir rocks!!) and the Chinese Orchestra performed on stage. The band played the songs Without You and another one I forgot. They played it beautifully. I like the sound of the clarinets.

Then when my teacher, Miss Ho, gave her a bouquet of flower, everyone in my class cheered, including me. I don't want Miss Yeo to go! She's very nice and kind. I don't think I like the new principle much..

After recess, out soon-to-be principle, Mdm Cheng, gave us Sec 1s a talk. It was very boring, but she made a few good points. After the talk, the girls in our class went back to our classrooms for spring cleaning while the boys stayed in the hall to help out with the arrangements for the O levels.

In class, me and Mardiana tried to get the the star stickers off the fan. It was very hard and the fan is so dusty. We manage to get some out. In the end we gave up and swept the floor instead.

When we were done, we assembled outside the class to wait for the signal that we are dismissed. When we were, Miss Ho told us to wait longer.

She gave those pupils who did well in exam a pencil case. I got one for reading the most books in class. I chose one that is in blue. Miss Ho suggested that I take the pink one, but I hate pink.

A SiZeabLe iMpRoVeMeNt

Ahaha this is one funny picture, especially to some of the guys I know!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

ELLa eNcHanTeD

Woo!! Ella Enchanted the movie rocks!! My friend lent me Ella Enchanted VCD last week, and it rocks! I can't believe I had not heard of the movie before my friend recommended it to me!

Plot Summary: Ella (Anne Hathaway of Princess Diaries) lives in a fanciful and magical world where all children are given a "gift" from a fairy Godmother, Lucinda, at the moment of their birth. Ella's birthright is the gift, or rather a curse, of obedience. As a result, Ella cannot refuse any command, and is often left at the mercy of unscrupulous personalities. The curse of obedience is really dangerous. When someone order her to chop of her head, she will do so as she could not disobey. In a bid to regain control of her life, Ella goes on a quest to free herself from this curse. Ella must outwit a kingdom filled with ogres, giants, wicked stepsisters, talking books and evil plots. And if she's lucky, she may find love along the way.

This movie is starring

Anne Hathaway as Ella and
Hugh Dancy as Prince Charmont

Other Cast
Cary Elwes --- Edgar
Aidan McArdle
--- Slannen
Joanna Lumley
--- Dame Olga
Lucy Punch
--- Hattie
Jennifer Higham
--- Olive
Minnie Driver
--- Mandy
Vivica A. Fox
--- Lucinda
Parminder Nagra
--- Areida
Jim Carter
--- Nish

I also loved the music on Ella Enchanted in which Anne Hathaway sing it herslef.

One of the great songs are Don't Go Breakin My Heart(the original was sang by Elton John and Kiki Dee) sang byJesse McCartney and Anne Hathaway. Anne Hathaway has an amazing voice. I didn't know she could sing so well!

Another song that she sang beautifully is Somebody to Love(the origianl song is sang by Queen), in which she sang alone. You've got to hear her sing!! It's great!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

StUpiD bUs!

Argh! Idiot! Just now, I took the bus 15 home. I pressed the bell when it was reaching my stop but the bus just continued and did not stop at my stop, although I pressed the bell a few more times! The driver must either be a jerk or deaf. Maybe both.

I alighted at the next stop, which is no longer my neighbourhood.. Luckily I can shortcut through by taking an overhead bridge. So I save money and time by not waiting for another bus!

Too bad I did not take down the license plate number so I can lodge in a complain.. Not that I actually will if I had taken the plate number. That's the sort of thing my mum will do, not me...

Saturday, October 23, 2004

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Yesterday, me and my friend Zanee was walking to the bus interchange. We saw this man walking in the opposite direction. He was walking normally when out of a sudden he did something strange.. It's like.. He was dodging.. But there was no one near him.. The way he did it was sooo hilarious!! It was such funny sight!! We laughed all the way in bus until my friend reached her stop, and there was this one man who stared at us.
My friend called his move the " 'S dance".

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Am I borinG?

Are you boring!?

The maximum possible score was 20 points for this test. Here’s a breakdown:

0 – 7 pts: You appear to be a little boring!
8 – 13 pts: You’re not boring but not that exciting either!
14 – 20 pts: You certainly can’t be called boring!

You scored 14 points. This result indicates that you’re far from a boring person!Obviously the definition of boring is a very subjective thing – what one person considers boring is highly interesting to another -- but you appear to be an outgoing and creative person that enjoys going out and socialising. New people, experiences and destinations don’t seem to scare you either – in fact we’re sure you thrive on change and experiencing new things! So however one interprets the word “boring”, it would be very hard to categorize you as such!

Friday, October 08, 2004

Uh Oh...

Woo our electricity was cut off for a while just now by the "safety electric box".. Apparently something tripped.. My mum thought it was the computer as it was very hot.. Hahaha our house had a short blackout then..

SaD nEwS..

Oh my god!! My favourite grandaunt has passed away in hospital earlier today at 9 in the morning.. *sobs!*

I'm going to miss her warm, welcoming smile whenever we visit her. It was only yesterday that she called to tell us that she had a new phone number. Now we'll never get to hear her voice again.

Life is really short. There may not be a tomorrow, for all we know. And we might not be able to see a loved one the next day. The problem is that you only treasure someone when they're gone. No wonder they're always telling us to live life to the fullest.

I wonder how her 8 beloved cats are doing.. They are going to miss her, thinking why their mistress is not to be found.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Am i iNdEpEnDanT?

Results: How (in)dependent are you?

Your score: 39

You're getting there (30-60 points)

Krista, you are clearly on the way of becoming an independant person. You still depend on others at some points, but that's just fine! That's what you have parents/friends/etc for!

aM i A wOrRiER?

Results: Are You a Worrier?

Your score: 35

Nothing to worry about (35-60 points)

Krista, according to the test, you have a realistic view of things. Of course you worry sometimes, but only about important things that are worth some thought. That's perfectly normal. Congratulations!

AdDiCtEd tO tHe iNtErnEt??

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FaShioN & StyLe qUiZ

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Are You Superstitious?

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My friend Suryana took this photo of Mardiana when she wanted to alight a bus. She had no time to stop her as the door was already open and she was still picking her bag up. The most she can do was to tell us not to take the picture..

Here is the picture..

This was taken when she told us not to take her picture!! Hahaha!

PoOr MaRdiAnA!!

Wow! It was so fun just now!

It was after recess, and we were all waiting for the Geography teacher to come. While waiting, Mardiana took of one of her shoes to adjust her long socks. The fun started when Danial took her shoe and ran away. It was so hilarious that me and Suryana couldn't stop laughing! Then the busibodies saw what happened and wanted to be in the fun. So the all "helped" to take Mardiana shoes away. Then this idiot ended the fun by putting her shoe on the class cupboard where it is easy for her to take it away.. It was so funny and it was fun while it lasted!! Mardiana was very embarrassed!!

WhAt cOlOuR aNiMaL aRe yOu?


You are Gold Raccoon, who display an easy outlook, and are very graceful.
You give an impression of typical traditional Japanese women.
You are always quiet, and will not speak out your thoughts openly.
Your modesty and gracefulness will avoid friction, and will be able to make the harsh
atmosphere turn friendly.
You tend to forget things easily and make easy promises.
But your cheerful and active character pays for those weak points.
It may be a good idea if you take notes.
You don't think things seriously, and people may think you to be too indifferent.
This may be a good thing to do sometimes, but it may also result in you losing important things and people.
But once you set an objective, your concentration is amazing.
Once you start on something, you will accomplish the goal no matter what.
Unlike your pretty atmosphere, in real life, you are very active person, and although you may
look sensitive, you have great nerve and guts.
You also possess observing eyes towards people, and have great talent and know how to get on in life.
You act as though you are weak towards men, but really you are the one manipulating them successfully.
You are likely to make your husband a dominating one.
You are more interested in your career than your love life.
But once you fall in love, you get extremely passionate, and will attack with all your heart and mind and strength.
After getting married, you will put all your energy into your family.
Hmm... It's quite true.. =P