Sunday, March 20, 2005


So I went to visit my father again. He's looking much much better. He don't have all these tubes and if everything is alright, he MAY be able to go home tomorrow. Insyallah. YAY IM SO HAPPY! I'm quite worried about him actually.. But hmm I shall not bother you with my problems...

Saturday, March 19, 2005

My Day...

Choir Exchange

I woke up at 6 in the morning again. I have to go to school again. We have choir exchange later. We, together with 5 other schools, will be singing at Chung Cheng High. The other schools are Nan Hua, Boon Lay, SJC (St. Joseph Convent), Yeo Chu Kang, nad I forgot the other school.

Pur school looks like the 2nd biggest choir. Boon Lay's c hoir is VERY big. None of them sounded really god, but that was BEFORE I HEARD THE HOST SING. THEY'RE ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DAMN GOOD!!!!!!! CONFIRM GET GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Er anyway, choy choy touchwood!

We did horribly. We keep going out of tune. Ms Lye, our conductress, was VERY furious with us.

There were 2 schools, conducted by the same woman, sang the selected piece very.. er.. interestingly...? There was one part of the song which goes "dondang sayang" and they sang it SOOO flirtatiously. It's quite funny actually.. And cool.

My Father

After choir, I came home and at 5, I went to the hospital with my sister to visit my father. We took taxi again. When I saw him, I was so shocked. He had a tube for oxygen and another wire to monitor his pulse. And another tube at his back to suck out the liquid in his lunngs. It was so terrible. I felt scared when looking at him. Hope he will be better soon. Insyallah....

Friday, March 18, 2005

BaD NeWs...

I received shocking news this afternoon. I was in the bus going home when my sister SMSed me, telling me to call my father when I reached home because "he need to go to hospital because he got water in his chest". So that was the FIRST thing I did when I came home, but my father said he was at the clinic and that he will call me back later. So I took a bath first and waited for my father's phone call.

While waiting, I received another SMS, this time from my mother. I asked her what does my sister meant by "water in his chest". My mum said that it was a lun infection and I asked he what caused it. She told me it is probably because he had been coughing for too long.

Finally my father called. He was already warded in. He is in the Changi General Hospital, ward 16, Bed 18. He is warded in a B1, a room with only 4 people. Guess the cost for one night stay. It's $300! That's right, 300 bucks for just a measly ONE NIGHT! Oh god, our family is so in need of money now. =(

Oh ShiT

today we had the School Service thingy and was divided into groups of 5. I was grouped with Pak Sum, Muhammad, Cheng Wai, Grace T, and Jerline.

Me and Jerline helped each other while the boys don't know do what. I wanted to see Cheng Wai's phone, then too late, I saw Miss Tay, and she saw me using CW's phone and saw Jerline using her phone. And she confiscated our phones! I was like, "OH SHIT! It's Cheng Wai's!!!" I told Cheng Wai i was sorry and luckily he was nice. I felt soooo bad! I lied to teacher to help him get him phone back. My first time this year lying to a teacher. I'm a bad liar and I'm surprised she believed me.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

ChOiR DaY CamP

Hmm.. So we had our Choir Day Camp today. I'm supposed to meet my friends at 7.30 am, but I arrived there about 7.40 am. I woke up at 6, but fell asleep again and woke up at 5 mins to 7. So I hurriedly got ready for school. I decided to take MRT to school as it will be faster. And it was! I arrived 10 minutes faster than if I took a bus.

So, here's the schedule. We practiced our singing until 12. 12 to 1, we were to have our lunch. Then 1 to 5 will be the games.

So we sang and sang and sang... Then we had our lunch.. Ate rice.. I didn't finish, but left a little bit more! Wasted.. Then after that we ate marble cake. Farhanah took a bite of her cake, then.. Bloop! The cake dropped from her hands, onto the canteen bench.. Wakakaka it was hilarious!

So it was games time! We were divided into 6 groups. At first the games were boring, then it became more fun. The 3rd game was Buttology, where we have to spell with our BUTTS! Luckily for me, soon we have to gather together, and I didn't need to spell with my butt!

We learned some cheers and songs. Some are crappy, but there was this one which I really like! I forgot how it goes though.. Lol.

The 2nd last game was really yucky. We have to carry Ping Pong balls in our mouths! Sounds okay, right? Well, the problem is that the balls were covered with flour!

I went 2nd. Steph purposely stroked my cheek with her flour-covered hands...! And unluckily for me, all the balls are totally deep in the flour so I had to keep blowing and blowing to get the flour off the balls so it was possible for me to pick them up with my mouth. EW! I got flour all over me!

In the last game, we were supposed to blow a balloon and protect your own while attacking the opponents' balloons. I saw Farhanah struggling to blow the balloon! It was soo funny! She blew and blew and blew, and yet the balloon is still the same size! Wakakaka!I had no problem blowing the balloon, but had problem tying it! I asked almost everyone in my group to help me tie but they couldn't, and Bernice said that my balloon was "UNTIEABLE"! lol!In the end Firdaus managed to tie it.

When the game started, I stood at one side and hid my balloon behind me. No one took noticed of me lol! Weee! They are too busy chasing the hard ones that they forgot to chase the one right in front of their eyes!

After that, we gathered again in front of the office and learned some hand movements to the song "I’VE GOT PEACE LIKE A RIVER". There was this one time when Farhanah said frustratedly "Arghh! Bodohlah! (Stupid)", and an NPCC senior happened to pass by and he echoed what Farhanah said, and Farhanah automatically retorted, "Diamlah budak!(Shut up kid!)" Wow.. hahaha.. "KID!" That guy's probably a year or 2 older than us! HAHAHA KID!!

So, to fast forward the day, it was time to go home. When we were crossing the road, there was this sudden gale of wind and it knocked Farhanah's balloon (which she had gotten when playing the balloon game) and it went flying in the air! We watched as the balloon soared high up into the sky, and then it flew down again, to this tree standing beside where we stood. Farhanah was trying to catch her balloon, and she NEARLY succeeded; when the balloon went lower, the wind sped up and blew the balloon onto the road! Hahha! We watched as the balloon went POP! and burst as a taxi drove over it.

Poor Farhanah! That was the second lost in a day!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

DenTiSt.. YucKS.

I went to the General Hospital, for my 1st braces appointment. We waited for our number, then when it's my turn, I went in. I got a male dentist and his female assistant. She's really nice, but I don't think she know how to speak English well.

The first thing, after all the talk, he did was to make a mold of my teeth. He got this 2 metal thing and fitted them in my mouth, to see if they fit. Then he filled something blue, I think it's clay, into the metal thing. He then put in the thing to my bottom teeth first and pressed it hard, so that you can see the shape of the teeth I guess. Then he did the same thing to the upper teeth. He presses so hard and kept pushing up, and my soft palette was lifted up and I felt like vomiting. After that, he told me to bite down on a little piece of yellow plastic. I think it was wax.

At last it was done, and he told me to go to Level 2 to get my X-Ray of my teeth, and then report back there. So I did.

ARGH! The X-Ray sucked.. I was so blur that the person had to repeat his instructions a few times. I think he was getting irritated with me lol...

Then I report back to the dentist and gave him the X-Rays. He gave me the appointment card, and then I went out. I checked the days of the next appointment, and to my dismay, it was on Monday! I'm not free on Mondays, so I had to go back in and told him to change them to Tuesday! Sigh..

After that I went to 7 Eleven, and went home.

Monday, March 14, 2005


Hoo yea! I am finally done with my Geo project! And not my legs are having pins and needles. Yikes! Now I am going to chill out for a while, watching Amzing Race which my sister had taped for me while I was having my beauty sleep..... Ta-ta for now!


Okay, I've just chatted with Vincent and I asked him what he was doing. And guessed what? He said he was studying! I didn't believe him at first, and he went on, telling me not to laugh, and I asked him is he for real. He said he was really serious and he was finding his History homework, and I am like, "WOW! That's a first~!"

Projects suck. They really do. There is this Geography project, about water, and I don't even know how to do! And then there is also Malay project, about peribahasa(idioms/proverbs) and this is another one which I don't know how to do! Malay suck! ArgH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To make it worse, I SUCK at Malay, and I'm like, clueless.

I am so stressed up, and holidays are meant to be FUN. I really cannot handle stress well, that's why I am like always having fun. What people don't know is what they haven't seen. Me trying to study.

I am like, trying to finish my Geo project, then I will be doing my Mother Toungue project. Can anyone help me with that?? I only have one component left to do!

I swear sometimes I feel like skipping school.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

BiRdY.. TweeT TweeT.

Just now, a bird flew in our kitchen to eat the food lying on the table. My mum, catching it red-handed, trapped the bird in the cabinet. I pity the bird, but I didn't dare to free it with my mum around.

After my mother left for work, I thought of opening the cabinet to free it, but I was scared it will attack! My sis was no better either. In fact, she was worse. She kept screaming at nothing. In the end, it was my grandmother who opened the cabinet.

The bird did not come out and I went forward to see what had happened. Suddenly, the bird flew out. Me and my sis was so startled that we screamed. It flew in the toilet and made a mess of the things. I wanted to open the kitchen window bigger, but I didn't dare. The window was right outside the toilet by the way. In the end my grandmother opened the window, and then after some time, the bird finally flew out.

Friday, March 11, 2005

My GrAdEs

Got back my CA Card.. I failed two subjects overall...

CA1 - 80 A1
CA2 - 72 A2

CA1 - 65 B3
CA2 - 76 A1

CA1 - 48 D7
CA2 - 60 B4

CA1 - 71.4 A2
CA2 - 50 C6

CA1 - 42.5 E8
CA2 - 50 C6

CA1 - 64 B4
CA2 - 56 C5

CA1 - 77 A1
CA2 - 50 C6

CA1 - 54 C6
CA2 - 70 A2

CA1 - 70.9 A2
CA2 - 70 A2

-My overall grades-
A1 - 3
A2 - 5
B3 - 1
B4 - 2
C5 - 1
C6 - 4
D7 - 1
E8 - 1
Hmmm... I think I need to improve my mother tongue and try to get A1s to c5 the next term..

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


It's been so long since I update my blog. It's because I have nothing to talk about.. And I still have nothing to talk about.. Nvm I shall write crap..

Yesterday I came home late. I also bought a Maths assessment book. I was so tired that I slept after I reached home. Slept until 9, ate my dinner, then slept again. Slept until 3 in the morning, woke up, roll about in bed until 4 and I can't go back to sleep. So I decided to do my homework which I haven't even touched yet. I completed my homework at 5, and slept again. I woke up at 6.20 when my mum woke me up. I felt panicky. It was so late! Came out of the house at about 6.50 and reached school at 7.05. Wow it was my latest time reaching school!

Nothing much happened... Got back my malay paper.. Failed again.. Same mark as my CA1. Dammit. Why can't I pass malay??!?!?! *sob sob*

After school I browsed Vincent's handphone. It's sooo cool.. Especially the cover.. And I told him I wouldn't see his messages.. And I didn't.. hmmmphh.. Took him a long time to trust me..

Anyway, Stinking Freakz, minus Afsia, stayed back in class to do some decorating.. Roxy was really in a bad mood then she got this sms and then she started feeling sad. Soon she cheered up. Luckily.. I can't stand her all moody and angry. I much prefer her face full of smiles..

We went to the canteen and me and Roxy wanted to taste the bean curd sold in one of the drink stall. I tasted first. It was.. Ewww... So.. tasteless.. The taste was very.. Weird! We didn't finish it.. Luckily it was only 60 cents.. Like Roxy said..... We learnt a lesson; never to buy bean curd from there again.....