Tuesday, February 22, 2005

FiRe FiRe PanTs On FiRe

Today, school was normal, except that we had 2 period of Maths instead of English because there was a Maths Common Test after school. Oh. My. God. The exam soooo hard!! There are a few questions which I know how to do but at that time, I FORGOT HOW TO DO!! My mind was like, suddenly blank!!! ARGH!!!!!!!

After our exam, I and my friends went to have our lunch. Then we decided to go home. That was when we saw smoke at a distance. My friends said it was a bush fire; it happened a lot at Tampines. We went for a closer look. The fire was at a large grassy area opposite the bus interchange. All of us were panicky. We watched for a while and observed everyone around. Only some seemed to notice the fire. Then, we decided to call the fire brigade. I accompanied Farhanah while she made the call.

Four of us watched the fire for awhile. We were so shocked, yet awed, as it was our first time seeing a fire, with our own eyes! Then Mardi had to go back because her mother was fetching her home. The rest of us continue watching the fire, waiting for the fire brigade to arrive.

We soon felt calmer, and talked about things. Our personal feelings and such. I felt really closed to my friends then. We also talked about red ants, because there are a lot on the drain in front of us.

We didnt notice the time that flew by quickly. It was 5 plus when the fire brigade finally came. And there was only one engine!!!! That isnt enough! Time passed, but it seems as if they werent doing anything. The fire kept subsiding and new ones replaced the subsiding fire. My and my friends saw the fire engine going round the road a few times, for dont know what reason.

Then I and Farhanah saw this fire that suddenly burst out. It was really shocking and sudden! Then we felt panicky again, as we could see thick black smoke rising into the sky, and went as low as our level. It was so thick that we could not see the buildings on the opposite side at all! It was really bad air pollution. I could see the ashes flying about.

It was really a day which I could not forget.

Sunday, February 06, 2005


I was very bored so I made this wallpaper of my friends.
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Friday, February 04, 2005


We were having a rehearsal for the Chinese New Year Concert just now. Me and my friends watched the other performances by the other CCA's at the old foyer. Some were really cool. One of my friend stood at the back, while me and another friend stood in front. Not long after my friend who was standing at the back told me something scary.

She was standing at the back with her hands behind her back when she felt something stoked one of her fingers. She said it felt like another person's finger!!!! And there was no one was behind her! Creepy...

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Sorry guys for not updating... I shall update now... I have lots of things to blog about. Well, no, not really... but I'll try to update you on my life.
Well, first thing to blog about is about Science exam.

Monday, 31st
JanThere was a Science exam, and my friend, whom I choose not to name, did not bring his protractor, which was needed. At one point of the exam, he whispered my name, which was a REALLY STUPID thing to do as my teacher was in front of us. Needless to say, the teacher heard, and my friend was in trouble. He stayed back after lesson to see teacher.He approached me the next period, and said, "I'm really sorry I got you into trouble. I told the teacher that it was you who wanted to borrow my protractor. So if teacher asked you what happened tell her my story, if not I'll die."
HELLO!?!?! Why would I be stupid enough to do that and get myself into trouble?!?! So of course when teacher asked me what happened, I told her the REAL STORY.

Today, 2nd Feb
After school today, my science teacher wanted to see both me and my friend together. She wanted to hear the real version of the story, and my friend relented and told her the truth. The teacher told me that I may go and she lectured my friend. So I guess I'm out of trouble!