Wednesday, August 31, 2005

TeachEr's DaY CeleBraTioN

We celebrated Teacher's Day today. How low-class; the lower secondary have to watch the concert in the canteen on the projector, connected to some video recorder upstairs, in the hall, where the concert was held, and where the upper secondary was watching. It was kinda boring, and the sound coming from the projector did not help. Furthermore, me and Mardiana were damn thirsty. During the concert, we went to the stall to buy drinks. There were plenty of students there too. The first time while we were queing for our drinks, Ms Ang shooed everyone away. The second time it was Mr Tan. Can't we at least get comfy when watching the tiny screen?

So anyway, here's how I started my day. I was in my father's taxi, almost reaching the school when Mardiana called. She told me to wait for her outside the school to help her carry the cake. While waiting, Suryana arrived on her father's scooter. She waited outside with me for Mardiana. Finally she came, and I helped her carry the cake. Then we have a small problem. How to keep the cake cold until it was time to eat it?

It was a chocolate sponge cake, coated by pink and white cream. It was really pretty!

It's blue because of the low quality by the way. Anyway, the camera phone did not managed to capture the beauty of the cake (Duh what do you expect?)

Anyway, -- I don't know whose idea this was -- but we asked the drink stall aunty to help us keep in the refrigerator. Lucky for us, she obliged. So we went to assemble in the parade square and did our usual routine; saying the Pledge and singing the National Anthem. After that we were to dance the Merengue and Cha Cha dance. LOL before the dance I noticed that He Wei's left shoe had a blotch of brown colour stuff that looked like shit. I pointed this out and me and Mardiana laughed hard, while he went to the grass patch to clean it off. At first I partnered with Gerald, and we stood and did nothing. Then Mardiana danced with me and we played a fool.

Ms Lim danced with a student with a long neck.. And she seemed to be enjoying the dance with him, with a BIG smile on her face. -.- -.-

Oh ya so after that, we went to the canteen to watch the concert. On the small projector screen, no less. It was a long time before it started. When it was about to finish, we opened the Pringles and Lays potato chips, and me and Mardiana served everyone (who paid the class fund) drinks. Ice cream soda. Wooh! Nice! After the concert, it was time to cut the cake! But not when the teachers are missing. So Mardiana and Suryana went to search for the missing teachers. They can only find Mdm Zulaiha, so she cut the cake. Weeee I got the cherries and a peach! Lalala~

Anyway, it tasted like a typical cake. But it was nice all the same. Then me and Suryana were eating the cake, when Jodie held up a finger full of the cream. She cried, "Miss Tay! Let me to your face!" and Miss Tay went, "Aaaaahh!" and nearly lie down on the bench to avoid Jodie's fingers. Jodie put her finger away, and Miss Tay sat back up, only to be threatened again by Jodie's finger. This time she went, "Jodie! Don't! Aaaaaahhh!" and banged on the two boys sitting behind her as a result of avoiding contact with Jodie's creamy finger. It was kinda funny. Should have recorded it.

So anyway, I didn't go back to my primary school. I have not even visited it once after I got in Secondary School....



Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Yak yaK yaKiTTy yAk

Pretty rushed this week. Yesterday was like, the day of stupidity. And I'm constantly surrounded by people who have runny nose. Namely Dan. He keeps blowing his nose and looking at his snot. Which is chendol in colour by the way. Vincent was way disgusted. Lol. Yet he himself is sniffing away. -.- Vincent then stupidly imitated the sound of Dan's blowing nose, and his snot nearly splashed out. LOL splashed out... Nice phrase.

Then we were talking about book spines. Because I took great care of not spoiling my new books' spines, but too bad. Suryana spoilt my new wonderful book. -.-

Then Vincent, out of stupidity AGAIN, keep pulling his last page of his disgusting Penguin Reader's book, 'Four Weddings and a Funeral,' saying, "It won't spoil one lah." And then it tore, and he went, "Er actually it just did." We three had a great laugh over these. Vincent has a chance of becoming a comedian for his career.

These was during CME period, and Mdm Yuslin took over as Miss Tay didn't come. She somehow have a humongus grudge against our class. But I don't blame her entirely either. Who woudn't hate our ill-disciplined class? AAaAaHH I so miss 1E2.. Hmm..

I went for recess with Mardiana; Suryana was helping out for the choir fund raising stuff. So anyway, Mardiana was eating her sandwich, and at the same time talking with all her might, and some of her scraps flew from her mouth to my leg. Ugh. It went so far somemore. We laughed and laughed. Then the second time, as she was taking a bite from her sandwich when it somehow dropped from her bite. As quick as lightning, she pushed it in mid-air to her lap. Lucky save. Wah wah wah quick reflexes seh! The third time, she was chewing one whole chunk of bread, when somehow, all the pieces fell out of her mouth. We laughed non-stop, and my stomach really hurts and I had difficulty breathing. It was just the thing that would happen to Mardiana isn't it??..

Then after choir, at the traffic light, I was talking to Farhanah, and dunno why, she began crossing the road! I absentmindedly followed her. Then there was a loud honk, and Farhanah was so surprised and embarrassed! Lol jokes sia.

Then me and Suryana went big rounds to find a cake shop that sells good cakes. We went to Value to search for stuff, then went to Century Square for Angie The Choice. When we stepped in CS, Farhanah told us that Angie's Choice closed down. -.- -.- -.- -.- Then Farhanah went home while we went round and round just for a stupid cake shop. In the end I called Mardiana, and wasting my phone bill, when she finally said she will order from her neighbourhood shop. -.- -.- -.- -.-

So, about today. Nothing much happened, except that I volunteered to help out to sell the choir fund-raising thing. We're going to an inter-national competition in December and we will have to raise at least a thousand plus.

We went down 10 minutes before recess, which is mother toungue period. We set up the stuff, and before long, people start buying. We sold everything by the time recess ended! Which is way surprising! So we ate after our recess are over, in other words, during the upper sec recess. For the first time in Secondary school, I ate a proper meal during recess. It was kinda fun being late for lessons. ^^

I had Maths remedial after school today, then I went to Shop N Save to buy the cups, napkin and fork for tomorrow's party. I had to use my money first because there wasn't sufficient money in the class fund. Hmmmmpphhhh nice class spirit. All the boys don't want to pay up. Gerald is the first kind soul to pay the class fund. Either that or he really want to eat the cake. Hahaha joking joking. JUST NICE SEH THE TOTAL PRICE. 5 cents more and my wallet will be empty.

I met Lenny and her sister there also. She saw me but pretended not to. Then I bought my stuff and saw her again, queing up. This time I went up to her and said hi. She muttered back a 'hi' and looked away. Sheesh. She is so polite.

So anyway, I went home! Weee!

Sunday, August 28, 2005


For that made e first time in history, I completed my homework by Saturday, and also packed my bag then. It made me feel good, not having to worry about homework, like I usually do. I finally understand graphs, thanks to Dan...

Today, in religious class, was fun! Cuz the teacher didn't come, and to the class delight, who should replace her but our favourite "microphone" teacher, as my friend called him. Everyone like him cuz he's funny and doesn't make the class boring. Why are all the relief teachers the one that is fun?! Hmmmphh! Anyway, the one and a half hour flew by quickly.

Oh ya, and Sharifah told me that Kathleen, from Haig Girls' and CHIJ KC, acts in Whizzes of the Void Deck in Kids Central! I was so surprised, and I wondered why I didn't recognize her before when I first saw her, which is a few months back when I saw the show in TV Mobile when I took the bus to school!! I reached home at about 9.55, and since the show ends at 10, I managed to see her on TV, and I saw, this time with utmost observance, indeed it was her.

Hmmm I wonder why all my friends are on TV lately.. First it was Shanaz (even though she's just on some dumb ad on Kids Central), now it's Kath.. I wonder if Si Jie is still acting. I remember enjoying watching her act when she was in her younger years of primary school. Damn pro. Act in Channel 8 some more. Better than Kids Central....

I want to sleep now. See ya.

Saturday, August 27, 2005


Oh yea, yesterday I saw Miss Tay going out of a taxi when I was going out of mine. I was behind her, and I just walked on, knowing that she will talk to me when she see me. And I was right. It went like this.

Miss Tay: Hey good morning Hazwani!

I turned around and with a feigned surprise, I replied, "Oh good morning Miss Tay!"

Her: It was your parents car is it?

Me: Oh no father's taxi..

Her: Oh no wonder your spectacles are fogged up.

I didn't reply to this and we walked silently. I forgot that there were joss sticks at the usual route I took to the hang out place, and I took place one of my feet there, when Miss Tay called me back. Oh my God I owe her. She wanted to tell me to tell the class to go to the Art room for Art. I said ok and made a move, but she carried on telling me that Miss Ho will be taking over the Lit lessons for her Maths.. -.-

She somehow reminds me of Kacang.. No one to talk to? Ok talk to anyone about shit also can.

Friday, August 26, 2005

thE RinG

Mardiana's mum just called me on my handphone to asked me how to get hold of Mardiana. I told her to call her handphone, and she said the handphone is with her. She seemed to have forgotten that Mardiana has another handphone. She went, "Oh ya ya ya she got another phone. Thanks ah. Bye." -.-?

I wonder how Suryana handled the Maths exam. She didn't take it yesterday because she had to leave early for the Piramid game held at Ngee Ann, which, sadly, they lost in the first round. Tje maths paper was totally hard, and it did help that I totally screwed up Science. Or to be exact, all CA5. I hope common test will not be combined with CA5, or it will comfirm pull me down. I was hoping more of combining common test with CA4..

busY buSy As a BeE

Wow I haven't been blogging for a while now. Mainly because I'm busy and it didn't help that I have to ouse my sis laptop. Talking about m dayy sis, it was her birthday 2 days ago. So happy birthday! So many things to blog about that I'm lazy to.... Updates later!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I went home after school today. I reached home at 3 and got ready to go out again to the hospital. I was supposed to meet my sister at 3.30 at Outram Park mrt station. I was 15 minutes late, but I needn't have to be so worried. She herself was late.

So we took the shuttle bus to the hospital. When we entered the ward, I realised that my grandmum had 2 different ward mates. My mum then told me the person next to my grandmother passed away in the wee hours of the morning, at 4 am. So poor thing! It was the same person that had those noisy grandsons by the way...

From the first moment I set my eyes the aging granny, I thought that she looked very fragile and incredibly vulnerable. She was also sooo thin, she honestly looked like a skeleton! I told my sis she's very pitiful, but my sis merely said, "Why?? What's wrong with her??" HONESTLY! She can be so blind sometimes. Even my mother said it was obvious, and she wasn't so shock about her death... In fact she was kinda matter of fact lol.

Today, for mother toungue class, we acted some proverb in our respective groups. Ours wasn't so bad for a group that acted impromptu wit hno script. Atikah was so funny! She was sweeping the floor (as a part of the act) and Ashraf(the boss) scolded her because some of the bristles of the broomsticks fell apart. And guess what did Atikah did? She threw the stupid strands at Ashraf! LoL jokes! She brought the house down.

Other groups were funny too! I like Farhanah's group, which comprises of Farhanah, Atikah and Syed. Their lines were funny, and I like Fauziana's acting!! Damn funny yet good! WooH Pro!

Next week my group still have to act again, another proverb this time. Bleh. Another impromptu act.

Monday, August 22, 2005

CraPPy StorY

"Let me out! I have not done anything wrong!" Chris shouted, rattling the metal bars.

Silence greeted him. He sank on the floor and groaned in despair and hopelessness. There was no one to rescue him out of the prison.

He was a lonely man. He had no family, and he had never known his parents. They died when he was a child and had no clue how they looked like. The only thing he knew about them was that they went by the name of Victoria and Andy.

Then he remembered the mysterious woman, and his spirit lifted. He had been in trouble before, and although this is far more worse than any other scrapes he had been through, he was certain that she will get him out of this horrible place. So he waited.

3 days passed, and he almost gave up hope. Then he heard someone coming. His spirit lifted, only to be hurt again. It was just the guard. He watched in confusion as the guard opened the bars.

"Get out," the guard growled. "someone bailed u out."

Light dawned on him.

He asked, "Was it a lady?"

The guard grunted in reply. He took it as a yes. He smiled and silently thank the mysterious lady as he walked out of his cell.

In the shadows, a pretty woman watched as the man was freed. She whispered softly, "Anything for you, my son..."

Saturday, August 20, 2005


It wasn't a week when she was dismissed when she got admitted to the hospital again. My grandmother had another attack of stomach pain and my sister called her private doctor, and they called the ambulance. My mum was working so my sister accompanied them, to SGH this time. And I was left alone. To make things worse, there's something wrong with the internet connection in my computer. I tried connecting in my sister's laptop, and also cannot connect. I meddled with my sister's laptop and I got the connection again. So I used my sister's laptop instead. Up til now I can't use my computer. So sad. Now I'm using my sister's laptop for this.

I visited my grandmother just now. My sister's sec school friend went to the same hospital, so my sister visited her. For more than 2 hours. And my grandmother for about half an hour.......

anyway, while she was gone, these kids, grandsons of my grandmother's neighbour came. Oh my God they were so noisy. And their parents did not tell them to shut up.

Sheesh. Can't the patients sleep in peace? And there was this boy who had my sister's embarrassing habit; sticking his hands in his pants. Zzz.. Disgusting.

We went home at night. When going home, me and my sister saw this building, separated from the main building. It's block 11. It's quite far from the main hospital. It's so eerie! It's just a little shed by itself, and everything was so dark and guarded, with security guards. It's the type of building you would choose to shoot a horror film. It somehow looked like an asylum. Maybe It's for people who have contagious disease? I don't know, but I want to find out. I'm sure it will look different in the day.. But still.

anyway, we went home by bus. So slow. It felt like an hour, at least. And there was this man sitting behind me... And he coughed into my hair. EWWWWW! And to think I just shampooed that morning. Excuse of sir, but do you mind coughing somewhere else? It's basic courtesy... Lol maybe I should have turned around and coughed in his face.. And eye for an eye, tit for tat!

Friday, August 19, 2005

WiRe ScuLpturE

OMG I am so bored. Oh yea I forgot one thing. The wire sculture stuff. After school, me and Mardiana saw a big coil of wire along the corridors. LOL we took it! There was no one there anyway. Then we met Miss Tay there. She told us to go back to the classroom because she want to check the books under our tables. She checked m row first, and Mardiana's row being the last. OMG so slow! But I so patient I actually waited for them. See I so nice. Hmmph.

Anyway, while waiting, I did my sculpture with the coil of wires I nicked. I was left with the two legs when they went out. I left the wires in class, which is a big mistake.

I went to the art class to complete my sculpture. It was so packed! And they have limited wires. Wen Jin found the wire in class and brought it there. Hence the big mistake. I should have used it for myself.....

Anyway, I asked Iffah for some wires. She asked Rohanah to give me her coil of wire because she don't need it. She protested at first, but the rest of her friends persuaded her to give me her coil. And she took her time to cut a piece of wire for herself, and slowly passed it to Iffah who passed it to me. Alamak! Can just give me directly right! Hmm selfish brat. I can't believe I was close to her last year. Ugh. Flirt there flirt here. Can betray friends somemore. Little bitch. Some of her friends are okay though. They are more friendly, even though they are in the minah's side. Sheesh I can't stand people like her.

BAd dAy

I wasn't in a very good mood today, and my friends were not helping. Wanna know why
i was moody?? I DROPPED 4 GRADES FOR MY ENGLISH!!! From an A1 to a B4! FUK! I was so disappointed I was near to tears. Justin, as usual, got the highest. A1.. Smart..

Anyway, back to today... FirST 2 periods are art. We did pallete knife painting. We had to paint leaves and an apple, cropped from an apple tree. We were to use only red and yellow colour paints. LOL Suryana was given a butter knife as there is not enough pallete knives. Mardiana's painting was the best, but Gladys' painting was the most realistic. Cheng Wai's painting was the most... Artistic... Just a big blob of red paint... Mine sucks, but it made me feel better that there are worse ones there.

The next two periods was actually Lit, but Miss Ho took over to go through our English paper. The period when I got moody.

After recess was 1 period of Moral Education, but we did the wire sculpture instead. I redo mine. I had difficulty making the stupid head and asked Gabriel to help me do. In the end he gave me the wire ball he did for playing. Thank Gabs! ^.^

I only did the body half way when it was time for mother tongue. Aaaaaaah!! Exam time! We did exam in the computer lab. WooH! Shiok! The cloze passage sucks but overall it was ok.
Then it was History. We went down to the stinky Career Guidance room as the teacher hurt his leg. We got back the exam paper. Got 6 out of 10.. Quite low. So far i got A2 for Geog, A1 for Science, C5 for maths, B4 for English, Malay and History.

Oh my God. That sucks.

Thursday, August 18, 2005


AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH we getting back English tomorrow! I asked Miss Ho how we did and she said not so good. Damn I'm scared. If I don't get A1.... I don't know what I'll do. So far this common test I think I did quite well.. Got mainly A's and B's.. Except for Maths. At least I passed.. But after combining the rest of the CAs, I will confirm get lower. My CAs will pull me down. ARGH. I really want to get out of 3E3!! I think I'm going to 3E4.. Getting better than that is hopeless, unless lady luck is on my side and I happen to score well in Maths. Ala spoil la Maths. Damn damn damn. Must do well for CA 5 to pull me up...

Tomorrow I'm going for the Wire Sculpture thing. I really suck with my hands. The guys pro lor!! DAMN! I'm really rambling, cuz I don't know what to blog about. I'm having amnesia nowadays. I forgot what happened today....

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

WhAT a LonG DaY

We did the Merengue dance for PE today! It's for Teacher's Day. Bleh. It was actually fun, but I don't really like the partner stuff.. At first I was to be partnered with Muhammad, then long story and had to partner Zhan Shuo.. Eee.. Then he partnered Muhammad.. Then I partnered Casper. WooH! And my final partner was Fauziana. LOL 7 "partners" in a paragraph.

Then, at some point of time, the teachers realised we changed partners and they ordered us to change back. So I was stuck with Zhan Shuo again. Bleh. We pretended to hold each other. Lol it was kinda funny, especially the turning part. We pretended that Zhan Shuo turned me, but I was I actually turning myself! xD

When the teachers went away, we switched partners again. I became the girl while Fauziana be the boy. After some time, we switch places. LOL. We made fun and wondered what happened if the girl was much taller than the guy; like Syed and Danial.

We got back our maths today. Bleh. Sucks. Lucky I got my Science marks to pull me up. We will be getting back our English marks tomorrow I think.

On the way to music lesson, the class, as uaual went our separate ways. There was this guy who suddenly hug Danial I think, or rub his cheeks? Anyway, Danial was damn disgusted because he said that guy stinks like hell. Apparantly he smelt like rubbish bin. LOL I laughed so hard my stomach hurts. Then he want to wipe his cheeks on me. EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Idiot!!

Zhan Shuo was on the 2nd floor and we were a floor down. As we walked, Zhan Shuo leaned down and sprayed water on us! UGH GROSS!!!!!! When I saw Mardiana I wiped my cheeks on her! Hahaha!!

Danial had an inventive way to clean. He let He Wei do the work. Cuz He Wei always molest him.... Ugh Dan.. You never know what things are on his hands. Maybe he dig his nose and wanted to clean his hands on you! So much for being clean!

Hmm today's post is full of broken English.. Don't tell me my English is getting rusty... Not a pleasant thought.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

WhAT hapPeneD?

okay, I forgot what happened today? Nothing interesting happened today actually.

Guess what. I am the 3rd in Science! Woohoo!! 31 out of 40, A1. Vincent got 2nd, just a half mark more than me, and Muhammad got first. He have 32. Wooh!! For the first time in history! What sia, Mardiana sour prune. She not happy I got higher than her. My first time , give me chance la.

After school, I found out something else that happened in Science lesson, but I'm not going to say it. Anyway, after Science, we had the Wire Sculpture Programme. SUCKS!!!!!!! Mine turned out like SHIT!! Ritz, Cheng Wai and Jing Feng's sculpture was really really nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are damn good in their hands man!!!! UGH!!! I dunno how to coil...... Bleh..

Anyway Farhanah smsed me after school has ended. I didn't answer her, and she called me.... And we were not released yet. -.- She kept telling me to meet at old foyer. She sounded so impatient that I thought she was already there.

Once we were dismissed, we looked down to the old foyer, but could not see Farhanah anywhere. We went down and looked for her. Still, she could not be seen. And it turned out that she was still in class!! -.-

After school, Farhanah wanted to take 22, and I didn't know what bus to take.. Whether to accompany Mardiana, or Farhanah. I can take both of the buses. In the end I decided to take the bus that came first, which is 65. Vincent and Ritz took the same bus as us.... And Ritz decided to message me when we can just talk.. Waste my sms only..

So yea that's besically that's all. Sorry can't be sarcastic.. (This message is for this particular person.... You know who you are!)

Monday, August 15, 2005


Today we had choir. Ms Lye didn't come. And we were released at 5. Weeeee!!

Any way, Farhanah and Suryana were the first ones to go out as usual. When I went out, I could not see them anywhere, so I waited for them at the old foyer. I waited soooo long! Then I gave up and went home. Then I saw them at the Childcare Centre. I decided not to catch them up, since we will be going separate ways anyway.

I was soo bored at bus that I created a short story:

I thought they were my friend. Guess I was wrong about that. No true friends will ever do that. I was hurt, and Even Faith, who was the nicest, shocked me. They used me. I was angry enough to kill them. Of all the scumbags. I hate them! I guess I shall never know the meaning of true friendship.

I was the one who brought them together, and look how I was rewarded. They used me as their messenger. Twice in a week I had to help them. I did it because they were my friend. Or so I thought. I knew better now.

It happened 50 years back, but the memory is still freshly etched in my memory, as though it only happened yesterday. I was standing innocently at this deserted pathway, holding a package. I was waiting for someone to collect it.

It was so sudden. Someone attacked me. I struggled, but stop short when I heard the two words: "Stop! Police!"

I froze, my heart feeling cold and heavy with dread. My mind reeled with shock, and I was oblivious to what was happening. I caught one word though, "Cocaine". No words could possibly describe the fear I felt.

It was lesser that 30 grams, and I got 10 years imprisonment.

Right now though, I have more important things to think of.

My freedom.

I bet you don't understand the story. It doesn't matter. It's for my own entertainment. Anyway I better go, lots of Maths homework to do..

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Yesterday, Suryana told me to help her make a wallpaper. I obliged, but I warned her it's going to be ugly. I used Adobe Photoshop to do it. Oh yea, and I found out that Baby Blues (the comic) was coloured using Adobe Photoshop! So anyway I did it, and I took my kinda long to finish it. And I was terribly unhappy about it, I tell you. I warned Suryana again that it wouldn't be nice.

So this is my first attempt:

(Click to enlarge)

Suryana told me to delete the hearts in the background, and complained about her fat ugly choir pic on the bottom right. So I substituted that to the picture of her and Fendi.

So I tried again:

(Click to enlarge)

And she told me to erase the choir pic. I told her then no pic? And she said, "Never mind, got the blotchy blotchy paint. Nice. Haha."

Yup so I deleted that too. Haha I love the splatter brushes!

So here is my 3rd and final attempt:

(Click to enlarge)

Tadaa! Ok lah.. I only like the top right hand corner. xD

She showed me the wallpaper she did.

(Click to enlarge)

It's kinda nice, especially using a Paint Program. I especially like the borders. I love multiple borders! Woohoo!

So anyway, I reckon I can brush up her wallpaper.. Probably will.. But wait long long.. ^^

Saturday, August 13, 2005


Omg my feet is so damn tired! I'm back from the performance. I saw Wardah there! Lol.. She lives there.

I went out wearing the red polo tee, school skirt and court shoes. I walked to the bus stop in front because I wanted to take 22 to the interchange. I can take 2 different bus stops by the way, with different buses available.

Anyway, I was halfway there at the bus stop when I had 2 nasty blisters at the heels!!!!! UGH! The great part is, I gave my plaster to Noriz some time ago, so I don't have any for myself!! So I had to endure the pain.

I waited and waited and waited for the freaking 22, and finally it came, after waiting for 15 mins. Bleh. I told Farhanah to bring 2 plasters. Lol. And she did. Thanks!! Lol even Suyana was like, "Ouch!" after seeing my blisters.

I haven't worn plaster for a few years now.. Lalala. And I'm tlaking it out now.

whaT tO SaY??

Sorry I didn't have time to blog. I come home late at night everyday nowadays and often have an early night. So yea.

Right now, I'm asking the 2E4's to join the moblog competition. It's an interclass blogging competition. Me and Suryana already registered. I've asked Gerald but he said "maybe, see who join first." So I've asked Cheng Wai, and he said no. And I said what if Gerald joinS? Then he say yea then he will. LOL

2E4 has not much bloggers, compared to other classes. And that sucks, because it will be harder to find someone who is sporting enough to enter.

Those who want to enter can register here. But tell us first yea?

Oh yea Sofy got suspended because he punched a guy til he fainted. Sucker. Everyone was glad he was suspended. Even my Malay teacher!!

Anyway I woke up early today because we choir have a performance at the Tampines Festival Park. Wanna come and support? Lol it will be around 5.

Fana and Yana visited my grandmother yesterday. Thanks for coming! ^^

Oh yea, Yana had her hair cut yesterday. LOL Fana said it was like onion!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!! JOKES!!!!!!! And Fana said, "Mine helmet. Never mind, glamour. Take motorcycle. Yours onion what? Go market?" LOL!!!!!!! HAHHA mean!! But it was funny all the same. My mum like her hair cut. She told me she would get my sis to cut like that.

I'm going to eat my breakfast. I haven't eaten yet. See ya!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

S H I T !


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

HappY NaTionaL DaY!

Happy National Day Singapore!

Today we went to visit my grandmother again. We went at 10 in the morning and stayed til 8 at night. We watched the National Day celebrations on TV in my grandmother's bed. lol.. Heard the planes too.. We heard them first, then heard it on TV.. So it's like, an echo lol..

It was BORING! Year 1999 was the best! I went to the Stadium. Lots of interesting stuff, like stunts and stuff. And it was FUN!

Hmm so anyway, at 8 we went and left my grandmother sleeping. We went and wait for the fireworks to start. I was the one who heard it first. I can't see the fireworks though. My sis and mum were busy talking. With annoyance, I said, "Oi!" But they took no notice. So I waited impatiently for them to stop talking. Finally they did, and heard the booming noise of the fireworks..... When they can't see it, my mum suggests to move to the other side. So we did.

We saw the fireworks!!!! It was pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took some pics in my camera and my sister's camera, but my phone's quality and like shit, and my sister's camera couldn't send to anywhere (refer to Sunday, July 31, 2005) !! And I happened to take some really good ones there too!!!

We thought it ended, so we went home. But on the way home, we saw another set of fireworks again!! This time they are more prettier and awing! The red fireworks burst in ther sky, and formed a spiral shape!!!! It's was soooo cool! There were a few people taking photos too lol.. But unlike us, they had a DIGITAL CAMERA!! UGH!!!!!!!! SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS!!! I WISHED WE TOOK SOME PHOTOS!!!!!!!

Now I have a few items on my wishlist... And a digital camera is one of them. A good camera phone is another..... Hmmm I want to change my spectacle frames too.. I might next week..

Monday, August 08, 2005

GrandMother StorY

Guess what. My grandma was sent to the hospital again in the wee hours of the morning. I woke up in the darkness of my room at midnight to find out that my grandmother's 24-hour doctor came.

For the last two days or so, she kept vomitting and vomitting and had very severe stomach pains. She kept crying out and tried to bear the pain. Last night, she was so much in pain that my mum had to call the 24-hour doctor. It was so painful that she was half unconscious at one time. Then my sister woke up, probably because of the noise.

It was decided to send her to hospital. The ambulance came at 1 am, and two men came to take my grandmother to Raffles Hospital. My mother followed, and left me and my sister at home. My mum wasn't home by morning, and she called me at 6 partly to wake me up and also to speak to my sis. It appears that she have gallstone that dropped to her bile duct of something. That's what caused the pain, because the stone is stuck. So she will have to go for two opperations.

Today in school a group of us helped the stall set up by our class. We sold pizzas, which were kindly baked by the guys, drinks and coloured jellies which looks like piles of dyed shit. Me and Mardiana decided to watch the concert put up by the Sec 4s, while the rest continued mending the stall. Siok Wen and Xin Er from choir sang. Cool~ The show was quite OK... After it ended, we went down again, to find the whole place as wet as the wet market selling fish. Vionna told Mardiana that the guys sold water bombs. And they played in the canteen! Damn them.

We had a profit for the drinks, but a great loss for the pizzas. I feel so bad, all their efforts had not paid off!

I reached home at 11.30, and found my mum in the kitchen. She sid we were going to visit my grandmother later. And we did. Raffles Hospital was damn grand. My first time there. When I went to my grandmum's bed, she was moaning softly to herself, oblivious that we were there. Poor thing. We went home at 6.30. On the way out, I relised that there's a nice black piano there! But I don't know if it's locked or not. I didn't try. I probably will tomorrow though. And I ate chicken rice at the banquet before going home.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Bloggers? Air heads? No life?

What is with all these anti-bloggers and blogging?? I flipped through The New Paper just now and saw a lot of negative comments and bloggers and blogging. What is wrong with blogging??

1. "People who blog are basically attention seekers who cannot stand leading a life without some attention to their existence .

- Chinang "

2. "BLOGrs juz wana CHEAP PUBLICITY or they R STUPID!

- Ujang "

Okay, before attacking us, maybe it's a good idea to learn proper English first, you retards.

People blog with different reasons. Many people prefer to share their personal thoughts rather than keeping them private in a diary. Many keep blogs to write about their day-to-day experiences and complaints. What makes blogging different from a diary is the idea of allowing readers to comment.

Most of us want to share our problems with other people. They want to get some things out of their chests, and they will need a place for this. So why not keep a diary, you ask. I, for one, hate writing, and prefer to type. Furthermore, what a waste of ink. Blogging serves as an outlet for our emotions, but unlike a diary, people will actually read it.

In a blog, there is a chance that somewhere out there, some stranger will read and sympathize. To know that there is a nameless, faceless listener, who may care and sympathize, is a source of comfort for some. In a blog, we can rant, because we cannot do it in person. The chances of people who are willing to listen to you ranting are one in a million.

Thoughts with too much emotion are usually better suited for blogs than for conversation, since emotion can be more controlled in writing. These emotions usually tend to be negative, because these are the ones we cannot easily express to others in person. Blogging allows us to confess these secrets and emotions, which we have to suppress in our daily life. It is a lot easier to confess on a blog than face-to-face with someone. Furthermore, we can hide behind an alias.

Sharing is what makes a blog genuinely different from a diary. Through a blog, we can share our perspectives with others. It may surprise you that there are other people out there who are feeling the same way as you, and may even get each other better.

Some people keep blogs to improve their writing skills. In order to write about your life, you have to think about it and about how to tell others about it. Reflecting in needed. Thus, you will gain a new perspective in the situation.

People who read other people's blog are voyeurs who have no lives of their own.

Assuming that if you keep a blog, you have a life, and if you read other people's blog, you do't have a life. Then what about a blogger who reads other people's blog? I always read other people's blog. I would want to know what are my friends up to, and reading other blogs also serve the same purpose as blogging - it kills boredome. You guys are sad man.

What do you guys do to kill boredome anyway? Stare into space? OMG HOW FUN! Let's all go "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Oh My GoD

Ok, I'm really boiling in a frying pan. It's so humid! I'm sweating all over! It didn't help that I'm terribly bored. Games are supposed to keep you entertained, but the more I play, the more I feel bored. There's no one online to chat with. Ugh great. And I'm tired of reading.. and making blogskins.. Bleh.. What can I do??

Talking about blog skins, I've done a new one. but I'm not going to put it up til 10 days later or so. It's quite cool I guess... The type that Farhanah will like... I think..

I think we will be getting back our Common Tests next week. I can't wait! History is quit easy. Hope I can get A1. Insyallah... And I really hope I can get b3 or higher in Science.

Next week, there will only be 2 days of school. Monday is half-day, because of National Day Celebration. National Day is on the 9th, and there will be no school on Tuesday and Wednesday. Woohoo!

Thursday, Ms Lye will be coming to choir, to make us ready for the 13th. Us choir have a performance at the Tampines Festival Park, which is just behind our school. So if you are bored, drop by yea? It will be at 4 in the evening I think.. Ugh we have to wear the red polo tee with black pants and black court shoes. Sucks. It looks gross! What were the teachers thinking?? Speaking of which, I still have to get my mum to sign the consent form. Doubt I will remember anyway.

I am really rambling. I didn't expect me to type this long, especially without a topic to talk on. Shows how bored I am huh..

LOL this is gay.

Are you Insane?

Hmm I am insane. No scratch that. I am insanely mad. That's why I named my site that in the first place huh.

Lol this is kinda funny. >> The History of The F' Word

Hmm Funny Junk has some funny videos.. I'm not bored anymore. LOL. This is dumb. Hmmm... One of my friends is a plodder. LOL he told me this morning. HAhaHAHAHA...

Hmm this is lame..

LOL this is retarded. But very funny also.. >> Madness

Ok this is sad.

Ohhhh I found another video! >> Sesame Street

Ok this is the LAST one. I hope. Ok, yea. It WILL be the last one.. Cuz I've closed all the windows. Except this of course. If that Sesame Street video is shown on TV, all the kids here will be corrupted. x.x

Damn now I'm bored. I think I will make myself a Vitamin C drink. Healthy Living! ^^

Friday, August 05, 2005


I was selected to represent my class for a poetry competition. Miss Ho selected me and Justin, and Carlo and Camilia for the English poem. Mardiana and Suryana volunteered for the Malay one, and Yi Feng and He Wei was chosen to do the Chinese one. Our theme was Friendship. So here is the poem I did with Justin.

Remembering how we shared our times together
Marked indelibly in my mind forever
Times that we cherished then and now
The times we shared as best friends

Even if you're now miles away
I will be by your side
But how can you be, you say,
No fear, I'm in your heart

If you feel like you're alone,
And you've nowhere to turn to
You can pick up the phone
Because I'm always here for you

Pour out your woes
Your worries and your troubles.
You'll always have a listening ear
To take away all your fears

I'll be there for you, every day
Helping you along every step of the way
When you think everyone has deserted you,
Fear not, I will always be here for you.

So what did you guys think? Teacher chose me and Justin's poem over Carlo and Camilia. Damn..

So anyway. The competition was today. So many people were there! There were a few outstanding presentation. And I was so surprised when our class got 2nd!! I think it's all thanks to Suryana and Mardiana, who read with lots expression and gestures, thought of the Malay class.. Woohoo!

Oh my god I'm so bored.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

So Many ThinGs, So LittLe Time...

So many things happened. I'm quite lazy to update. But I shall try my best and bullshit along the way yea?

So I got back my Malay and Geography exams. I got 55 over 100 for Malay. Sucks. And I got 20/30 for Geog. One more mark to A. Double sucks! Had our English paper today. Damn hard. I badly want to get A1. I will positively kill myself if I don't..

Yesterday I stayed back late to watch PRSS Idol. The judges were Miss Annabel Ho, Ace Ventura aka the retard Mr Goh, and Miss Fang. Some of my friends entered as a band. This octopus-head Zahri sang and played the guitar. He can sing! I was so surprised!! He is always so blur and nerdish in class! I think music makes his world go round.. Hmm.. He can sing, play the guitar and play the tuba. And he is such a moron in class. So you know why most of us were surprised.

There were a few outstanding performances. There was one class that took part. They took turns to sing. Wow! They sing sooooooo nice!! I cheered so loud that Farhanah was so surprised. I had fun cheering in Cheng Wai's ears. The 2 dance groups performed marvellously. Especially the first group. Impressive. The dance category was the best. Carlo was such a retard. He was mesmerized by the bouncing boobs. ZZZZzzzzzzzz He's sick. But then, everyone knows that.

Then came the solo category. Khalisa from choir took part!! And she sang Reflection by Christina Aguilera. I was soo surprised!! She has a powerful voice! I never knew that! I felt proud of her man~!

So yea. I left at 7. It was damn late!!

Oh yea, I've cut my hair. 2 inches shorter, layered. Farhanah took 3 days to realised this, , and even then it doesn't count, because Suryana finally told her.

My arm is feeling pain. Like there's a weight on it. Shucks.

Danial's MSN is such a dudder brain. Oh wait, MSN doesn't have any brains. Anyway, he could not open the games, so here's wat we did:

:: Ďäηηλ βφ│ :: Council Night PRSS Idol is Danial

₪ [+ H a Z +] ₪ ACE VENTURA SUCKS! (Not the show) Querida is me

So first, I started a game of manual tic-tac-toe..

(Click to enlarge)

He cheated!! I won!!

Then he started Minesweepers Flag. I don't know if he is in a right state of mind, but how to play maunal Minesweepers Flag?

He cheated!! I won!! Then he started Minesweepers Flag. I don't know if he is in a right state of mind, but how to play maunal Minesweepers Flag?

Hmm.. One game screeny missing.. Nvm nvm.. So yea. We are such morons aren't we? =D