Monday, January 09, 2006


Yea! Today is such a fun day! We had lesson only til 11.40, then we went to the hall for briefing for the Sec 3 camp. We are supposed to bring CHOPSTICKS! YEA! I LOVE CHOPSTICKS!

*Fast Forward*

We had CCA Day today, where people from the different clubs persuade the Sec Ones to join. We went up on stage and sang, quite horribly, then Syltra, Farhanah, Aisyah, Suryana and Khaalisah sang. After that, we were to do our duty, which is to say, persuading Sec Ones to join. Me, Fana and Yana were to be stationed at Block B, but it was so boring. I even ate and drank there. In the end we decided to patrol around the school.

At the same time, we looked at the different exhibition the different CCA's put up. Level 2 was fun cuz there were lots of CCAs there! When we stopped by the CAC Club (formerly known as CCC), we saw this box full of pretty mechanical pencil with bells. Then this guy let us take! I took 2, Fana took 4! Whoah so nice, cuz we were supposed to register in order to get it!

Then we went somewhere again, but then me and Fana wanted to go to the second floor again, so we did. The kept shouting JOIN CHOIR JOIN CHOIR and I'm suprised I still have voice by the end of the day. We were stationed outside CAC classroom all the while. Three of us cheered for NCC and CAC. See we so nice. Then that stupid Vincent walked past us and purposely shout out CHOIR SUCKS! What the stupid moron hell? We cheered for his CCA also not grateful. In the end we kept shouting NCC SUCKS when he walk past us.

Then I kept asking this nice big sister to give me more pencil. In the end I got 4! Yea! All different colour! Then I kept ringing the bells. Then we kept teasing with the older guys from the CAC. They were talking to us inside the classroom through the window, then me and Fana kept shutting the window in the faces. Haha. Serve them right for being irritating.

Wah the people all so rough!! Pull here pull there! I pity the Sec Ones! Then me and Yana kept shouting at them (whenever we see them use force on the Sec Ones) CHILD ABUSE! CHILD ABUSE!

Then we had a little chat with Miss Tay. I told her I got the bursery thingy and I thanked her for filling in the form for me. Then she said when Mdm Zulaiha come back, tell her also. Then suddenly we talked about her.

US: When she coming back?

HER: About the 2nd half of the year.

US: We want to visit her. But we don't know her address.

HER: Ask the office for her address.

YANA: But I don't think they'll give.

ME: Yea, cuz it's private info.

HER: Oh.. Ok ok I'll help you ask then I'll give you.

US: Yay Thank you!

That's basically what happened.

Anyway, to keep a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG story short, it ended and we went home and now I'm typing this, half asleep.

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