Sunday, January 08, 2006

Today I went to school for the Student Leader thingy. We went to MOE Adventure Camp Site. The place was so old and dirty. The water was so bloody murky and the ground was slippery with disgusting algaes. And they still have the nerve to call it the MOE Camp site when it was a great place for mosquito breeding.

Oh, and the instructors are retards. Kept trying to be funny but failed miserably.

*Fast forward*

Anyway we were supposed to do this rock climbing excersice to learn how to put on the gears and learn the proceedure, so we could help others in the Sec 3 camp next week. Climbers was supposed to climb til the red line and fall. The belayer is the most important person. If the climber fall and die, it's all the belayer's fault. There's also the anchor and the ropeman.

Our side of the wall has so many missing pieces, it was hard to climb. I didn't manage to reach the red line. I was holding on to some pieces, looking at which one to step on. It was impossible, I was bloody stuck. Suddenly, I lost my support and fell. My belayer, Suryana, wasn't prepared and she was jerked to her feet. LOL. Almost everyone got stuck, and those who didn't fell lower. Only Peifen managed to climb highest for that part. Of all the girls, of course.

*Fast forward*

We went back to school and the three of us, that is to say, me, Yana and Fana, went to eat at KFC in Tampines. Then we went to Popular to buy some stuff for school. I also had to buy notebook for Mardiana. Then there was this section, merchandise for The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. There was this damn bloody nice tee for 18 bucks! I WANTED TO BUY!!! But I had no money! *curses* I rarely find something that I DEFINITELY want it, 100%, but when I find something I want, I had no money. Wtf?

Anyway, then we headed back home and I slept.

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