Thursday, January 19, 2006

iN SchooL

Right now I'm in my school computer lab, searching for some stuff for our Malay projec. My teacher is just 3 computers down on my right. Lollers. But I did found a lot of pictures, and found some audios as well.

I was sleepy the whole day. Even now. My eyes are hot and tired. I sooo want to go back home and sleep.

On the way to the computer lab, me and Mardiana passed by Gerald's Chinese class. Waved at him but he purposely looked in the other direction. lol idiot.

I'm so damn bored. OMG OMG OMG. On Saturday Mardi and Fana coming to my house to do project in the morning. But I'm going to popular first to buy some files and Challenger for thumbdrive.

Oh the bell just rang, it's Physic lesson now. See ya!

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